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14 Intensive Weeks | 20 Industry Instructors | 1 Live Client


Start Date: September 9th 2021
Application Due: September 9th 2021

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Social Media as a Career

You love social media, and you understand its power to elevate a brand like never before. As a social media expert, you know that not all content is created equally. One wrong move and not just your campaign, but your brand, can suffer the consequences – but when you do it right – get ready for fame and fortune.

“With 10 years in the social media space, I’m excited to empower students with a strategic approach to all things social by shaping the Social Media Bootcamp curriculum, sourcing best-in-class instructors and providing one-on-one mentorship.”

Jennifer Stack

VP, Social Media, Momentum Worldwide


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Real Projects

Work you can show off

Master the Pitch

Pitch Every Week to Sharpen your Skills

Industry Instructors

Top Industry Mentors


Work with Creatives

Program Breakdown

Become a Social Media Strategist

Running for 12 weeks, this intensive program will immerse you in the world of social media strategy. Each module introduces you to an industry professional at the top of their game, coaching you in their area of expertise. Classes are divided into lectures, portfolio and campaign development, as well as toolboxes, which act as workshops to develop directly applicable skills. You’ll graduate with an impressive portfolio of integrated social campaigns, along with your pitches for a live client you’ll be working with.

Student Testimonials

“In the social media bootcamp, I learned really specific ways to approach problems in social media management and also how to use influencers.”

Erica Archer

Senior Media Strategist, Publicis Sapient

“If you want to change your job or even just your point of view, going to MAS will broaden your perspective, help you find a job, and even make you grow as a person.”

Gioia-Nina van de Fliert

Lead Video & Creative Producer, Blauw Gras

“When you’re surrounded by some of the smartest and most creative instructors and classmates, you can’t help but be motivated to do your best work too!”

Courtney Rimar

Planning Manager, Jungle Media Canada

“The biggest thing that I learned was how to be more confident. To be more confident in what I do and about what I know.”

Rafaela Barreto

Copywriter, Caixa Seguradora

Course Modules

Social Landscape: Platforms and People

The role of social media in modern communications, top social platform functionalities & user behaviour – establishing a baseline for content strategy.

Data: Deliberating and Defining

Data plays an important role in developing a social content strategy – learn the basics of social listening and audience analysis to catalyze your creative communication.

Anatomy of a Strategy

Learn how to develop a content strategy built for a multi-faceted world using the 4Cs and a social media framework which inform how your brand looks, talks and shows up.

Cultivating your Community and Content

Social media has the power to transform a shared interest into a powerful community through content. The community manager is the key to curating elements that inspires connection and interaction between brand and person.

Making with Measurement in Mind

Master the basics of measurement within social media from organic to paid workstreams, and how to link KPIs back to your marketing objectives.

Inciting Influence

From super users to content creators to media powerhouses, we’ll teach you how to identify, engage and measure the impact of influencers within content strategy.

Social IRL

Social has the ability to affect more than the online community. Get an overview of key tactics from the world of social XM (experiential marketing).

Social Engagement Through Paid Media

Learn how develop break through content strategies with amplification from paid media – from innovative formats to whitelisting influencers to advertorials and brand integrations.

Social Concepting 101

Using the Social Lens, refine your concepting process to create ideas & content that resonate per channel.

Social Production 101

Get the scoop on social production basics from ASC mandatories, UGC usage rights to platform T&C’s.  

Portfolio Evaluation

Each student will present their portfolio case studies to a Social Media director in a job interview setting. The students will receive feedback and a grade based on the content in their portfolio and their ability to present their work during the interview.

Toolbox Sessions

  • Facebook – Instagram
  • Google – Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Twitter
  • Meltwater Klear + Sysomos (influencer and social listening)
  • Working with Planners
  • Working with Creatives

Real Client. Real Brief. Real Pitch.

In the final month of the program, you will be briefed by a real client on a real challenge. Using your new skillset you will help research and strategize a solution, work with creatives to bring your strategy to life, and pitch to the client. You’ll also work with mentors, instructors and the client throughout the process.

Past clients include

Weekly Breakdown

The bootcamp will run for 14 weeks from September 7 – December 9th 2021
Application Deadline is August 27th 2021

Pitch and Critique

Wednesdays 6-9pm

Toolbox + Portfolio

Thursdays 6-9pm

Main Module

Friday 6-9pm

Main Module

Saturday 10am-1pm

Days Off

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

Past Program Instructors

Cristina Gardeazabal

Associate Creative Director Of Content
Mirum Agency

Jennifer Stack

VP, Social Media
Momentum Worldwide

Julia Di Clemente

Managing Director
Neo Canada

Peter Hand

Head of Strategy
Virtue Wordwide

Les Topolczai

Director, Channel Planning
john st.

Adam Ferraro

Director of Strategy, North America
Social Lab Group

Patrick Forestell

Senior Director of Strategy, Brand Partnerships

Helen Androlia

Director of Social Media
INNOCEAN Worldwide

Alex Theroux

Design Lead, Innovation & Solution Accelerations

Deanna Lambert

Director of Digital Strategy

Meredith Montgomery

Senior Director
SJR Canada

Selena Cameron

Group SJR

Take the Bootcamp Online

Due to Covid-19 we will be running the fall Bootcamps entirely online to make the program more accessible for people who are unable to travel or would like to continue social distancing.  Successful Bootcamps have been run since 2020 entirely online, read about our Online Learning Environment if you wish to learn more. 

“I’ve really been enjoying the remote learning environment – it’s so unbelievably interesting to decontextualize / re-contextualize everyone in their own homes. It’s been really amazing to see how everyone presents themselves virtually – that’s been a silver lining of remote learning.”

Ben Percifield

Strategy Bootcamp Student, 2020

“Didn’t realize it could still be almost as interactive as a live class. It’s an experience of a lifetime! I love the instructors, M.AD team and my course mates.”

Seun Johnson

Strategy Bootcamp Student, 2020

Real Projects

Work you can show off

Industry Instructors

Top Industry Mentors


Work with Creatives

Master the Pitch

Pitch Every Week to Sharpen your Skills

Admission Info

Tuition Costs

Tuition for the Social Media Bootcamp is $7500CDN (for both domestic and international students) and is due one week prior to the beginning of classes, as well as a $100 application fee.  Scholarships and payment plans are available.  Contact idil@adschool.ca for details.


Ontario will compensate independent businesses between 70-85% of tuition costs – meaning you’ll only pay $1350-$2700 for 12 weeks of training! (This grant is only available to Ontario businesses training employees – contact muneet@adschool.ca for more information).


Applicants are accepted on the basis of an interview, references and an appraisal of their application. You must have prior experience and education in related advertising/marketing fields. Please contact our Admissions Director to see if you are eligible by sending a copy of your most updated resume (or LinkedIn profile). Note: the program is capped at 20 students.

  • Educational background
  • Professional background
  • List of two references
  • Creative exercise to complete
  • A copy of two valid forms of ID – drivers license, passport, birth certificate or PR Card.
  • A copy of the highest diploma achieved or official transcript from the school last attended.
  • Administrative fee of $100.
  • Signed Enrolment Contract (available in the application)
  • Signed Policies and Procedures (available in the application)

Shoot an email to jocelyn@adschool.ca if you have any questions.

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