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Single Course Offerings from M.AD Toronto

Take single courses online

For the first time in M.AD history, we are offering virtual online classes. We are dedicated to continuing to provide mentorship opportunities, and education from the comfort of your home. The virtual experience is designed to make you feel as if you were at our downtown campus. All classes will be conducted in real time, with live instruction, and multiple collaboration tools. Connect with classmates around the globe, master the latest workplace applications, enjoy dedicated one on one time, and gain a new experience.

What You Get

Virtual Badge

We will issue a virtual badge for completing the class. You will be able to share your credentials across various social media platforms.

Industry Connection

Our instructors are all working professionals in the mid-suite to executive level. Their range of experiences is incredibly valuable to our students. By completing the course, you’ll get to network and learn from your instructor face-to-face and maybe even get a potential mentor.

Portfolio Pieces

Add high quality work to your portfolio. Instructors bring in briefs based on real clients they work with or from past award competitions. They will work with you to refine your ideas and create an award worthy piece that will help you get hired!

Summer Online Courses Starting July 4th, 2022

Our Summer quarter is starting July 4th, 2022. There are limited seats left in each class. Registration closes June 30th, 2022. Please connect with Noori@adschool.ca or Jocelyn@adschool.ca to inquire about availability.

Ideas First

Tonality (Writing)

Pop Culture Engineering

Strategy & Planning: Overview

Brief & Brief Writing

Developing Insights

Ideas First

Learn to solve communication problems and present your ideas using the most impactful medium.

Instructed By:

Elma Karabegovic

Associate Creative Director, Broken Heart Love Affair

Key Takeaways

  • Understand what makes a good idea.
  • Learn methods for brainstorming ideas.
  • Have at least one “big idea” for your portfolio.

Date and Time

One 3 hour class per week. Ten classes.
July 4th – Sept 9, 2022.
Mondays 4-7 PM ET

Tonality (Writing)

Mastering the craft of writing within the tone of the brand.

Instructed By:

TJ Arch

Creative Director, Target Marketing & Communications

Key Takeaways

  • Learning to write for all mediums, print and digital.
  • Understand how to express the messsage and tone of a brand in your writing.
  • Create campaigns that can go in your portfolio.
  • Hone your craft, get your writing to the next level. 

Date and Time

One 3 hour class per week. Ten classes.
July 4th – Sept 9, 2022.
Wednesday 2 -5PM ET

Pop Culture Engineering

Find out how to identify and use cultural insights to create meaningful campaigns. 

Instructed By:


Key Takeaways

  • Learn to tap into cultural insights in your ad campaigns. 
  • Ideate brand idea statements based on cultural events. 
  • Create a “book worthy” portfolio piece.
  • Learn the inner workings and scenarios you will face in agencies. 

Date and Time

One 3 hour class per week. Ten classes.
July 4th – Sept 9, 2022.
Exact Time and Date TBA

Developing Insights

Learn to develop and understand insights in consumer, culture, industry and brand. You will be taught the difference between an insight and an observation and how to use one insights or multiple insights to drive a brand forward. 

Instructed By:

Max Keane

Head of Strategy, Cossette

Key Takeaways

  • Using strategic tools and frameworks to develop business insights. Focus on social insights: Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Interpreting insights into effective strategic social and traditional campaigns. 
  • Ensuring the insights are rooted in truth and validated through tests. 

Date and Time

One 3 hour class per week. Ten classes.
July 4th – Sept 9th, 2022. 
Tuesdays 3 – 6PM ET

Strategy & Planning Overview

An overview to strategy and the numerous ways it exists within the advertising, marketing, and communications industries. You are introduced to the core components of marketing, strategy and account planning. 

Instructed By:

Adriano Eliezer

Strategy Director, BBDO

Key Takeaways

  • The history of strategy and account planning, and how they have evolved throughout the years.
  • Your role in the agency. The role of creatives and other departments/teams.
  • How to work with clients.
  • Thinking strategically when working on an ad campaign. 
  • Research deep into brands to extrapolate insights and effectively implement into strategies. 

Date and Time

One 3 hour class per week. Ten Classes
July 4th – Sept 9th, 2022.
Tuesdays 1 – 4PM ET

Brief & Brief Writing

Learn to write strong briefs that have a clear understanding and get the best out of the creative team. 

Instructed By: 

Amy Smith

Sr. Go-to-Market Manager, Shopify

Key Takeaways

  • Discover what differentiates a good brief and bad brief.
  • Be able to write strong briefs that outline key information, communicates insight, and inspires creative team.
  • Learn how to pitch to a room, and sell your idea. 

Date and Time

One 3 hour class per week. Ten Classes
July 4th – Sept 9th, 2022
Thursdays 4- 7PM ET. 

Details and Deadlines

How to Apply for Single Courses
Please fill out the form to start your process. We only need your name, email and the courses you are interested in. You can also leave any comments or questions you may have. Our admissions team will contact you to gather additional information.

Deadline to apply
M.AD Toronto will be accepting applications for single courses until June 30th, 2022. 

If you have any questions please look at our FAQ’s Section.

Let us know if you want to join us this quarter

Details and FAQ’s

How much is a course?

Each course has a tuition cost of $2000CAD. The balance of your tuition must be received before the start of your course.

For our full time program the tuition is $5000 for a total of 4 courses, including portfolio review, mentorship, student competitions, and workshops.

For more details, please contact noori@adschool.ca

Do you offer any scholarships?

Yes, we offer scholarships ranging from $500CAD to $3500CAD for students registered in our full time programs, or bootcamps. To learn more please take a look at our Financial Aid Page.

What if I want to go full time?

It is possible to become a full time student after completing a single course. The credit will be added towards your requirement for graduation.

If you wish to become a full time student after successful completion of a single course, please contact noori@adschool.ca for further details.

Are there any textbooks, devices, or software needed?

No, you will not require the use of a mandatory textbook to complete the course. You may find that your instructor recommends reading certain books. These recommendations are optional.

All students must ensure they have a stable internet connection and a computer (Apple is recommended) in order to participate in classes. If you are unsure if your current laptop / computer meets the requirements, please contact noori@adschool.ca

All of the software that will aid online learning will be covered by us. Depending on the class, you may be required to purchase design software and/or access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, this is not covered by us. 

Are classes taught only in English?

Yes, all classes will be taught in English. We currently are unable to offer any other language.

There is currently no required IELTS score to enrol in a single course.

If you are unsure if you possess the required level of English to successfully complete the course, an interview will be conducted with various members of the admissions team. The interview will determine if you can continue forward with enrolment.

For more details, please contact noori@adschool.ca

Can I complete the course work at my own convenience and pace?

No, you must follow the course outline and your instructor’s guideline. You still need to attend the classes at a specific time that is assigned to you.

Are there any other times? I don’t live in that time zone.

Unfortunately no, there is currently only one available time slot for each respective course. We will be conducting all classes in Eastern Standard Time.

I'm celebrating a holiday? Does the class get rescheduled?

If your class falls on a Canadian statutory holiday, we have included an additional class at an alternate date to replace it.

For more details, please contact noori@adschool.ca

Is MAS Toronto accredited?

Yes, Miami Ad School Toronto is registered under the Private Career College Act, 2005.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes! Upon successful completion of the course students will receive an official certificate from Miami Toronto, as well as a digital badge of certification for their online social networks.

Is there a refund policy in place?

The tuition fee is subject to our refund calendar. Before the first day of class, students can receive 100% of their tuition refunded. After the commencement of class, the amount can vary depending on the week the student chooses to withdraw from the course.

I’m not Canadian, Can I still take any courses?

International applicants are eligible to enrol in our single online courses.

Does this mean I am eligible for a student visa?

Unfortunately no, enrolling in a single course online at Miami Ad School Toronto does not qualify you for a Canadian student visa.

How long is each course?

Each course is 10 weeks long and meets once a week for 3 hours. 

Who do I contact if I have a problem or question related to technical or administrative issues?

You can connect with Noori at noori@adschool.ca

How will we be graded / are there any tests?

There are no exams or tests. Your final mark is based on your projects. Students will be assessed on their participation, submission of a series of assignments, as well as a culminating project. The intent of the course is to produce strong portfolio pieces.

How many classes can I miss?

To successfully complete the course, a student can not miss more than 2 classes. Any absences exceeding the maximum allowance of absences without a certified medical note will be grounds for removal from the course.

If I start the full time program online, can I continue online for the duration of 2 years?

Students will have the option of staying online or to resume their studies in person at our Miami Ad School Toronto campus when the Canadian government deems it safe to do so.

Can I transfer this credit toward any university or college program?

The credits can be used towards one of the applicable full time programs at Miami Ad School Toronto: Art Direction, Copywriting, or Creative Strategy. The credit can not be used/transferred towards any other university or college program.

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