Content Creation

Short Run Bootcamp: Oct 1st – Dec 8th

Master Social Content Producing 

“Content is King”. Social media and other online channels are driven by Content. You have to know what content will appeal to your audience and where to direct it. Also the speed at which Content is in demand requires a lot of brands and companies to produce their own on short timelines.

Apply By: Septmeber 28th 2021

If you have any questions please check out FAQ’s Section

What you get

  • Become an expert, add foundational knowledge & skills in one area
  • 27-36 hours of class
  • Digital Badge Certification
  • Access to M.AD School of Idea’s international network
  • Advertising’s industry connections

How it works

  • 3 – 4 module courses
  • Feedback sessions
  • Virtual, online classes with industry professionals

*Please note Job Grant applications need to be submitted 2 weeks in advance start of the program.

    Cost & Hours

    This packages costs $2,600. It includes 33 hours of in class time with classmates and instructors. There is a combination lectures, workshops, and assignments with pitch and feedback sessions. A digital Badge is included for this package.

    *Please note Job Grant applications need to be submitted 2 weeks in advance start of the program.

    Learning Modules

    Cultivating your Content and Community

    Friday October 1st 6-9pm
    Saturday October 2nd 10am-1pm
    Wednesday October 6th 6-9pm

    Making Creative with Measurement in Mind

    Friday October 8th 6-9pm
    Saturday October 9th 10am-1pm
    Wednesday October 13th 6-9pm

    Social Content Concepting 101

    Friday November 19th 6-9pm
    Saturday November 20th 10am-1pm
    Wednesday November 24th 6-9pm

    Social Content Production 101

    Friday December 3rd 6-9pm
    Saturday December 4th 10am-1pm
    Wednesday December 8th 6-9pm

    Weekly Pitch & Critique Facilitator

    Matt Augustin

    Director, Brand & Creative Strategy, FaZe Clan

    Cultivating your Community + Content

    Social media has the power to transform a shared interest into a powerful community through content. The community manager is the key to curating elements that inspires connection and interaction between brand and person.

    Instructed By:

    Jimmy George

    Senior Strategist, Mischief USA

    Key Takeaways

    • Community Management 101: brand voice vs. service rep and brand handle hygiene
    • Understanding of the types of community management tools & terms (CMS, chat bots, automated messaging, surprise & delight, escalation matrix)
    • Customer relations strategies
    • Identifying organic creative opportunities within the community
    • Developing an escalation matrix

    Dates & Times

    Lecture: Friday October 1st 6-9pm
    Lecture: Saturday October 2nd 10am-1pm
    Feedback: Wednesday October 6th 6-9pm

    Making Creative with Measurement in Mind

    Master the basics of measurement within social media from organic to paid work streams, and how to link KPIs back to your marketing objectives.

    Instructed By:

    Jasmin Pezzotti

    Social Media Marketing Manager, Hulu Originals at Hulu

    Key Takeaways

    • Explain objectives in social media buying & related KPIs
    • Explain key terms (measurement,variables, test & control group, methodology, correlation, validation, optimization)
    • Provide overview of Nielsen brand effects study (platform agnostic) and creative compass (FB only)
    • Explain flight model and how backend optimization works for creative
    • Show brief example and creative outputs and report summary

    Dates & Times

    Lecture: Friday October 8th 6-9pm
    Lecture: Saturday October 9th 10am-1pm
    Feedback: Wednesday October 13th 6-9pm

    Social Content Concepting 101

    Using the Social Lens, refine your concepting process to create ideas & content that resonate per channel.

    Instructed By:

    Matt Augustin

    Senior Social & Creative Strategist, 72 and Sunny

    Key Takeaways

    • Finding your brand voice
    • Differentiating your brand from the competition
    • Understanding your audience, and where to find them
    • Understanding brand purpose
    • Understanding the context, timing & situation

    Dates & Times

    Lecture: Friday November 19th 6-9pm
    Lecture: Saturday November 20th 10am-1pm
    Feedback: Wednesday November 24th 6-9pm

    Social Content Production 101

    There are many pieces of social communication – everything from blogger outreach, powerful video content to amplification strategies and campaign reporting. Get the scoop on social production basics from ASC mandatories, UGC usage rights to platform T&C’s. 

    Instructed By:

    Sean Benz

    Content Director, Anomaly

    Key Takeaways

    • Creative production fundamentals
    • Production for thumb stopping content
    • Cultural Relevance and modern storytelling
    • Building a stance through user generated content
    • Best practices for various platforms

    Dates & Times

    Lecture: Friday December 3rd 6-9pm
    Lecture:Saturday December 4th 10am-1pm
    Feedback: Wednesday December 8th 6-9pm

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    Details and FAQ’s

    How much is a Package?

    Depending on the module package of your choice, it varies from $2,000 to $2,900 in Canadian Dollars.

    If you take 2 you can get 15% off the cost.

    The balance of your tuition must be received before the start of your course.

    For more details, please contact jocelyn@adschool.ca

    Can I take a single class or module?

    Yes, you are able to take a single strategy module. The tuition fee is $1000CAD. Social media modules are only part of the packages and will not be offered as a single class.

    When is the Deadline to Apply?

    Exact dates Vary, but generally two weeks before the first class in each package. 

    Do you offer any scholarships?

    Students applying for the module packages are eligible to apply for a partial scholarship. Limited amount of scholarship is available. Please reach out to jocelyn@adschool.ca for details.

    Also, if you take 2 you can get 15% off the cost, and if they take 3 or more – 25% off off the cost.

    Are there any textbooks, devices, or software needed?

    No, you will not require the use of a mandatory textbook to complete the course. You may find that your instructor recommends reading certain books. These recommendations are optional.

    All students must ensure they have a stable internet connection and a computer (Apple is recommended) in order to participate in classes.

    Can I take advantage of the Canada-Ontario Job Grant?

    Yes, if your employer is willing to send you for training, you can take advantage of it.

    Find out if you are eligible for it >>  Canada – Ontario Job Grant

    Please keep in mind that you need to apply at least 3 weeks before the start date of the module package.

    Are classes taught only in English?

    Yes, all classes will be taught in English. We currently are unable to offer any other language.

    There is currently no required IELTS score to enrol in a single module.

    Are there any other times? I don’t live in that time zone.

    Unfortunately no, there is currently only one available time slot for each respective course. We will be conducting all classes in Eastern Standard Time.

    Who do I contact if I have a problem or question related to technical or administrative issues?

    You can connect with Joceyln Mendez at jocelyn@adschool.ca.

    Is it Possible to Mix and Match Modules?

    Although we encourage you to take the recommended packages, special exceptions can be made. Please connect jocelyn@adschool.ca if you are considering a customization.

    Can I transfer Credits if I want to take the Full Bootcamp?

    Yes, it is possible to become a full time bootcamp student after completing one of the module packages. 

    If you take module packages that only include Strategy or Social Media modules, you can join the full bootcamp in the Fall or Spring with a discount. After 1 year of completion of a module package, you cannot transfer your credits.

    I’m not Canadian, can I still take any courses?

    International applicants are eligible to enrol in our module packages without any visa. 

    Does this mean I am eligible for a student visa?

    Unfortunately no, enrolling in a Module Package online at Miami Ad School Toronto does not qualify you for a Canadian student visa.

    How long is each Package?

    It varies depending on the module packages of your interest. If you are taking the module package that has 3 modules, you will have 9 hours of class time in a week in total of 27 hours over the 3 weeks of period. 

    In general the total hours of class times are 18 – 36 over 3 – 4 weeks of period.

    What is the structure of each week?

    Each module is about 6 hours spread across 2 back to back days. The first half is on Fridays from 6pm-9pm, and the second is on Saturdays 10am-1pm. Feedback sessions will be held on Wednesdays from 6pm-9pm. These are times in EST (Toronto time)

    Is MAS Toronto accredited?

    Yes, Miami Ad School Toronto is registered under the Private Career College Act, 2005.

    Do I get a certificate?

    No, upon successful completion of the module students will receive a digital badge of certification for their online social networks.

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