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What is a real client?

Real client projects give students the experience of working on real briefs that make a difference and have the potential to get implemented. We have large Canadian clients who come to us with a brief for our creatives, strategists, social media experts, and developers. Our mixed student groups go through 4 weeks of intense ideation sessions. The clients get around 8-10 pitches and the teams compete for prizes. This is a unique opportunity to utilize 40 students in solving your next marketing challenge.

There were some ideas that are incredibly viable and unique. We’re in need of big ideas and different ideas to grow our business. we are hugely excited to take the ideas back to the office and share some inspiration.

Chris Blackburn

Director of Global Brands, Canada, Molson Coors

Why did we come to the MAS? We heard that there was a group of really excited creative sort of budding advertising stars and we wanted to get their perspective on one of the biggest challenges facing our business today to get sort of a fresh look and fresh way and thinking about our challenges.

Jana Goodbaum

Lead, Integrated Marketing Communications, Tim Hortons

Most inspiring part of the whole process with MAS was just that they were true to their word. They brought to the table young kids, young minds, but also maturity and professionalism behind it that came from the infrastructure they’ve got there, so it’s bringing the creative minds from all over, not just the GTA but I’m gonna say across Canada to the table.

Ryan Smolkin

Founder & CEO, Smoke's Poutinerie

We would definitely use the thinking moving forward. It is always interesting to hear from outsiders who don’t live and breath the industry everyday. Seeing that breath of fresh ideas come into our industry was really inspiring.

Heather Dionne

Manager – Marketing Communications, Koodo Mobile

We’ve worked with top, top, top agencies from around the world, and the quality of work that I saw that you guys put out in the last 2 weeks was quite up there, and you should be really proud of yourselves. That’s the kind of pitch that you can go to your client with.

Axel Bedikyan

Director of Strategy & Marketing, Cirque du Soleil

We came to MAS with a brief for our Think With Google platform with the challenge to advertise to the marketing industry, which is a tough nut to crack! We were surprised by the provocative and out of box solutions we got pitched. That sort of different thinking was exactly what we wanted.

Miles Savage

Agency Lead, Google Canada

What you get from it

  • Get fresh perspectives and diverse ideas for your projects from multidisciplinary teams (Art Director, Copywriter, Strategist, Designer, and more).
  • Get help with content creation, social media strategy, new product launches, rebranding ideas, advertising campaigns, channel planning and more.
  • An opportunity to research and focus group your strategy.
  • Find unexpected solutions for your most pressing projects, with millennial thinking ingrained in them, speaking to the largest consumer group in the world.

What we need from you

In order for our Real Client projects to go smoothly we require that you:

  • Provide a scholarship amount for the winning team(s).
  • Give an actionable and concise brief that has a real challenge you need solved.
  • Have a point of contact for any questions the students/instructors may have.
  • Commit 2-4 weeks of total engagement for the project. Only 12 hours of in-person engagement required for the initial briefing, half-life, and final pitch sessions.
  • Guarantee students the right to use this project in their portfolios.
  • Allow them the opportunity to work on their campaign if taken to market.

Now Accepting Briefs

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