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Miami Ad School goes Virtual

Miami Ad School is the world’s best advertising focused portfolio school. It’s an environment dedicated to fostering creative minds and launching students into careers.

Miami Ad School student’s gain a unique hands on learning environment which is overseen by current industry professionals. We strive to ensure that our student are trained with the latest industry standards, and work towards building award winning portfolios.

All vocational programs will be delivered virtually under a temporary alternative training measure which is planned to expire on July 31, 2021.

8000+ Graduates

To date, Miami Ad School has graduated 8000+ graduates across the globe. Our graduates can be found working as the creative leaders in Fortune 500 companies, and agencies.

Most Awarded Advertising School

Our students are dedicated to their craft. They showcase this by producing work that is revolutionary, and simultaneously crushing the competition worldwide. No other school has students awarded in professional competitions before they graduate.

Industry Instructors

Miami Ad School is proud to have an expanding team of incredible instructors. Our instructors are all currently working as leaders in their respective agencies or brands. They are passionate about the industry, and community. They understand the importance of mentorship, and wish to help the next wave of creatives grow.

Relevant Curriculum

In an industry that is constantly evolving, its important to be trained in the latest techniques to match industry standard. Long gone are the days of textbooks and tests. Our curriculum focuses on portfolio building through project based work, using real brands, real problems, and real solutions. Students apply relevant skills and knowledge to produce outstanding work.

Student Testimonials

“Being here at Miami Ad School Toronto, with all these killer instructors and full-time agency mentors, it’s enviable that their essence is going to rub off on you and make you a better creative and professional.”

Runda Dong

Art Director, Leo Burnett

“Didn’t realize it could still be almost as interactive as a live class. It’s an experience of a lifetime! I love the instructors, MAS team and my course mates.”

Seun Johnson

Strategy Bootcamp Student, 2020

Our Online Learning Environment

We have taken steps to integrate an online learning environment that will ensure that key skills are effectively taught as they would be at our campus in Toronto. We have been using this environment as a remote team for the past 3 weeks to make sure it is up to par. We have also been taking cues from our agency partners in adopting their platforms and practices. 

This environment consists mainly of online learning platforms listed here. These tools, when used in combination with each other, lead to very effective collaboration and learning. We are also ensuring that there is a tool in place for you to use at any point while working on projects ranging from brief, ideating, creation, presentation and feedback sessions. 

This environment is also expanding and adapting as we learn more about creative collaboration in the digital space.


A video and screen sharing platform used for lectures and classes.


A robust messaging software that allows for connection with admin, instructors and other students.


A highly visual platform that is basically a big digital whiteboard that integrates with everything. Used for project feedback and collaboration.

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