About the Scholarship

The Miles Philip Hammond Scholarship was developed in partnership with Miami Ad School, Broken Heart Love Affair, and the family of Miles, a one-year-old boy who lost his young life to cancer in 2021. The Scholarship was inspired by Miles’ strength, perseverance, and positivity in the face of adversity. It is intended to celebrate overcoming obstacles and to help a student who otherwise may not have had the opportunity to pursue their passion.

The chosen recipient of the Scholarship must have experienced significant trials in their life while demonstrating positivity and inspiring those around them- in short, they will possess many of the same qualities as Miles. This Scholarship is one of the many ways in which Miles’ legacy will continue to impact others.

Miles’ Story

Miles Philip Hammond was a one-year-old boy from Muskoka who lost his battle to cancer in February of 2021. Miles was a happy, smiley baby who brought immense joy to all who had the privilege of meeting him. Throughout his short life, Miles encountered significant challenges, including multiple rounds of chemotherapy and the amputation of his right foot. Despite this adversity, Miles remained positive, good-natured, and trusting, continually inspiring those around him with his grit and grace. Miles is deeply missed by everyone who knew him, and his memory and legacy will continue to have ripple effects in this world.

A Love Letter to First

Your first no chance
No way
No hope
To get your dream
Whatever that may be

Let no voice be louder than your own
No teacher
Friend or expert
Stop you from that
You must reach

Let no one tell you
Your dream
is too big or too small
It is yours
Hold tight
Follow it through
To get your first chance 

The ones that defy
With a smile
You Are special
Don’t let anyone be the first to tell you any other
Be the first
To get there
Wherever your dream is

In Memory of Miles Philip Hammond
The little warrior who made it to his first birthday

Eligibility & Information

2 Full Recipients

AD + CW Full Time Programs

Tuition Fees Covered 100%

Who is Eligible?

The Miles Philip Hammond Scholarship is for targeted towards domestic disadvantaged students who require financial assistance. 

When Can I Start?

The Miles Philip Hammond Scholarship is applicable to the  Spring (April) 2022 and Summer (July) 2022 Start Dates at the school. See program pages for exact start dates.

How do I Apply?

To start your scholarship application fill out the form below.  Deadline to submit your application is March 15th, 2022. Reach out to Joceyln@adschool.ca for more info or questions. 

Are There Additional Requirements ?

Yes, applicants must demonstrate proof of financial need, and complete the creative assignment submission.

Eligible Programs

Art Direction

2 Year Portfolio + Placement Program


2 Year Portfolio + Placement Program

Apply for the Scholarship by Downloading Application Package

In the Package you will find:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • More Eligibility Requirements
  • Creative Assignments
  • Application Forms

FAQ’s & More Info

Will My Flight + Accommodations Be Covered?

Only the tuition for the full time program of your choice at M. AD Toronto is covered. Selected winners are responsible for their own laptop, accommodations, flights, meals etc. 

Do I Need Any Pre-Existing Credentials (Courses, Certifications)?

No, you don’t have to have any pre existing credentials. You must however apply and be accepted to M. AD Toronto for either Art Direction or Copywriting for the April 2022 or July 2022 cohort.

Can I Postpone My Start Date?

No, students are required to commit to starting either in April 2022 or July 2022.

Are The Programs Virtual Or In Person?

Selected winners will have the option of online education or in person classes. 

Does Everyone Get To Do The Interview?

No, only selected candidated will be notified and move forward in the scholarship process. 

Do I Have To Demonstrate Creativity During The Interview?

We encourage you to showcase your personality. When it comes to the interview, we just want to get to know you better. Avoid getting too caught up in theatrics.

Do I Have To Be In Canada To Be Eligible?

No, you don’t have to physically be in Canada. However, you must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to be eligible for this scholarship.

Do I Need An Undergraduate Degree or Post Graduate Education To Be Eligible ?

No, a previous undergraduate degree or post graduate experience are not mandatory to be eligible for one of our full time programs. 

Is There An Age Requirement?

There is no age requirement for the scholarship, however  in order to be considered for admissions to M. AD Toronto, you must be aged 16 years or older.

Do I Have To Apply To A Full Time Program Before Applying To The Scholarship?

Yes, please ensure your application to           M. AD Toronto has been submitted, then proceed to work on your scholarship application. Please note that you do not need to wait to be accepted to M. AD Toronto before applying to the scholarship, your status with M. AD Toronto can be pending while you apply to the scholarship. 

If I Choose To Make A Video, Will I Be Disqualified If My Video Submission Is Over 2:30min?

No, however any content that goes past the 2:30min time point might not be considered.

If I Choose The Essay Option, Can I Include Photos In My Essay/Submission?

Yes, photos are accepted and encouraged. Remember to be creative. 

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