Frequently Asked Questions: Professional Bootcamps

What kind of background do I need?
Our Bootcamp programs also cater to students from a wide variety of backgrounds. However, these programs require a degree or diploma in advertising, marketing, business, or a related field, along with a minimum of one year work experience.
How long are the programs?

Both our Strategy and Social Media Bootcamps are 12 weeks long. Our UX Bootcamp is 15 weeks. The structure of the programs is built for working professionals so all classes are in the evenings.

Are the Bootcamps available online?
Our Bootcamps are only available in-person so that you can get your hands dirty and work on real world projects. Of course, we know that you’re schedule is already packed, which is why our Bootcamps run from 6PM to 9PM on weeknights, giving you the opportunity to learn something new, without sacrificing your 9 to 5.
What is the cost of the Bootcamps?

Our Social Media Bootcamp and UX Bootcamps are $7,500 CAD each. Our Strategy Bootcamp is $9,000 CAD. There is an application fee of $100 CAD for the bootcamps.

Can my employer sponsor me as a Bootcamp student?

Yes! With the Canada Ontario Job Grant, your employer can be reimbursed 70-85% the cost of tuition. This mean that your employer can send you to upgrade your skills for as little as $975.

What is a Live Client?
A Live Client is a top agency or brand (past clients include Google, Koodo, and Cirque du Soleil) that will present you with a creative brief. You will then have an opportunity to work directly with the client and pitch your very own campaign idea.
Where are you located in Toronto?
Miami Ad School is situated in the heart of Toronto’s Queen West neighbourhood — ranked the world’s second-hippest neighbourhood by Vogue Magazine. Not only is school surrounded by a variety of delicious eats and Insta-worthy street art, but it is also easily accessible by public transportation. You might even catch a glimpse of Drake on his way to his nearby OVO store.
What do students do for housing in Toronto?
All of our students rent apartments close to the school. Popular rental sites include Kijiji, Craigslist, and Bunz Housing. If you’re interested in having a roommate, we can connect you with other new students who want to share an apartment. If you’re an international student, please connect with admissions so that they can suggest neighbourhoods according to the location of the school and transit.
Sexual Violence & Sexual Harassment Policy


1. Policy Application
The Policy applies to all career college students of Miami Ad School Toronto.

2. The Scope
The Policy applies to complaints of sexual violence that have occurred on Miami Ad School Toronto’s campus or at a one of our events and involve our students.

3. Purpose and Intent
All of Miami Ad School Toronto’s students have a right to study in an environment free of sexual violence. This document sets out our policy on sexual violence involving our students, defines the prohibited behaviors, and outlines our investigative processes for sexual violence.

4. Policy Objectives
Miami Ad School Toronto is committed to providing our students with an educational environment free from sexual violence and treating those students who report incidents of sexual violence with dignity and respect.
To that end Miami Ad School Toronto will provide a copy of the policy to our students, and educate them together with our career college management, employees and contractors about this Policy and how to identify situations that involve, or could progress into sexual violence against our students and how to reduce it. Where a complaint has been made, under this Policy, of sexual violence Miami Ad School Toronto will take all reasonable steps to investigate it, including as follows:

(a) providing on-campus investigation procedures to students for sexual violence complaints;
(b) responding promptly to any complaint and providing reasonable updates to the complainant and the respondent about the status of the investigation;
(c) assisting students who have experienced sexual violence in obtaining counselling and medical care;
(d) providing students who have experienced sexual violence with appropriate academic and other accommodation; and
(e) providing students who have experienced sexual violence with information about reporting options as set out in Section 13.

5. Definition of Sexual Violence
This Policy prohibits sexual violence which means any sexual act or act targeting a person’s sexuality, gender identity or gender expressionwhether the act is physical or psychological in nature, that is committed, threatened or attempted against a person without the person’s consent, and includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, indecent exposure, voyeurism and sexual exploitation.

6. Reporting and Responding to Sexual Violence
Students, faculty and staff of Miami Ad School Toronto will take all reasonable steps to prevent sexual violence involving our students on our career college campus or events by reporting immediately to the Admissions Office if our students have been subject to, or they have witnessed or have knowledge of sexual violence involving our students, or have reason to believe that sexual violence has occurred or may occur which involves our students. Subject to paragraph 7 below, to the extent it is possible, Miami Ad School Toronto will attempt to keep all information disclosed confidential except in those circumstances it believes an individual is at imminent risk of self-harm, or of harming another, or there are reasonable grounds to believe that others on our campus or the broader community are at risk.
Miami Ad School Toronto recognizes the right of the complainant to determine how her or his complaint will be dealt with. However, in certain circumstances, Miami Ad School Toronto may be required by law or its internal policies to initiate an internal investigation and/or inform police without the complainant’s consent, if it believes the safety of members of its campus or the broader community is at risk. A complainant seeking accommodation should contact Miami Ad School’s admissions rep.

7. Investigating Reports of Sexual Violence
A complaint of sexual violence may be filed under this Policy, by any student of our career college, to the Admissions Office in writing. A complainant may ask another person to be present during the investigation.
Upon a complaint of alleged sexual violence being made Miami Ad School Toronto will initiate an investigation, including as follows:

(a) determining whether the incident should be referred immediately to police;
(b) determining what interim measures, if any, need to be taken during the investigation;
(c) meeting with the complainant to determine the date and time of the incident, the persons involved, the names of any person who witnessed the incident and a complete description of what occurred;
(d) interviewing the complainant, any person involved in the incident and any identified witnesses;
(e) interviewing any other person who may have knowledge of incidents related to the complaint or any other similar incidents;
(f) informing the respondent of the complaint, providing details of the allegations and giving the respondent an opportunity to respond to those allegations;
(g) providing reasonable updates to the complainant and the respondent about the status of the investigation; and
(h) determining what disciplinary action, if any, should be taken.

8. Disciplinary Measures
If it is determined by Miami Ad School Toronto that a student of our career college has been involved in sexual violence, immediate disciplinary or corrective action will be taken up to and including termination of employment of instructors or staff or expulsion of a student. In cases where criminal proceedings are initiated, Miami Ad School Toronto will assist police agencies, lawyers, insurance companies, and courts to the fullest extent.
Where criminal and/or civil proceedings are commenced in respect of allegations of sexual violence Miami Ad School Toronto may conduct its own independent investigation and make its own determination in accordance with its own policies and procedures.

9. Making False Statements
It is a violation of this Policy for anyone to knowingly make a false complaint of sexual violence or to provide false information about a complaint. Individuals who violate this Policy are subject to disciplinary and / or corrective action, up to and including termination of employment of instructors or staff or expulsion of a student.

10. Reprisal
It is a violation of this Policy to retaliate or threaten to retaliate against a complainant who has brought forward a complaint of sexual violence, provided information related to a complaint, or otherwise been involved in the complaint investigation process.

11. Review
This policy will be reviewed 3 years after it is first implemented.

12. Collection of Student Data
Miami Ad School Toronto shall collect and be prepared to provide upon request by the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges such data and information as required according to Subsections 32. 3 (8), (9) and (10) of Schedule 5 of the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 as amended.

13. Resources
Toronto, Oasis Centre des Femmes, 416-591-6565
Toronto Rape Crisis Centre: Multicultural Women Against Rape
Crisis: 416-597-8808
Office: 416-597-1171

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