Corporate Training Programs

Fully Customizable Training for your needs

Custom Training at Miami Ad School

Why Train Now?

Become Experts in Digital

Train your team to create higher level deliverables for digital channels that connect with audiences at home. 

Adapt to the New Market

In a time of change, future proof your business and become forward thinkers.

Master Online Collaboration

Discover the best tools and practices for your team, while working remotely, to collaborate and create better then ever before.

Areas of Expertise

Focusing on 4 key areas of expertise; Miami Ad School Toronto offers a fully customizable experience with leading professionals teaching the latest in industry standards and trends.
  • Identifying the Real Business Challenges
  • Insight Mining Using Data
  • Creating Digital Strategies for Brands
  • Brand Purpose (Brand Building/Strategy)
  • Creative Strategy
  • Digital Channel & Comms Planning
  • Building a Social Brand DNA
  • Understanding Client’s Business: Think Like an Entrepreneur
  • Storytelling for Brands and Advertising
  • Presenting Creative Work
  • Brand Voice and Copywriting
  • Design Thinking for Creatives
  • Creating Emotion in Digital Experiences
  • Making Great Work: Moving Beyond Mediocre
  • How to Become a Creative Director
  • Product Creation
  • Creative Restructuring
  • Business Transformation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • How to get the Best out of your Creative Teams
  • The Importance of the Client’s KPIs
  • From Boss to Mentor
  • Develop your In-house Creative Design Team
  • Value-based Compensation
  • Culture Audit
  • Horizontal Management
  • Manage at the Speed of Business
UX Design
  • Building Brand Experiences Through Multiple Touch Points
  • UX Design Workshop for Digital Creatives, the Fundamentals
  • Design Thinking for Advertising and Marketing
  • Agile Process of Development

How it works

Step One
Run a diagnostic workshop to understand your business needs.
Step Two
Design a bespoke learning programme to inspire and address skills gaps.
Step Three

Discuss payment plans and pricing. 

Step Four
Provide you with takeaways and check-ins to embed the learning.

Why Miami Ad School Toronto

Train within your Budget

However small or large your budget, we will work with you to get the best bang for your buck.

Fully Customizable

Build your programme to suit your needs, on your timeline, to your desired level of expertise.

Relevant Training

We work with industry leaders to craft you the most up to date training program; Uniquely tailored for your company. 

Our decision to build custom training with MAS allowed us to really focus on the topics that would make BIMM stronger as a whole, and provide each individual with cross functional training. The more we understand about each others’ roles, the more powerful team we become.

If your organization believes in training, then customizing the training to your organization is the next level.”

Marco Tomada

VP Operations, BIMM

“Great planners at their core are really smart people with a keen sense of observation, mixed together with sharp articulatory skills. You take that instinct and combine it with the structure and theory that the Miami Ad School Toronto Strategy Bootcamp provides, and you have an unstoppable force. Thanks to MAS, Sasha went from exceptional to unstoppable.”

Alex Shifrin

President, LP/AD

“After Kyle completed Miami Ad School, I noticed his ability to sharpen his strategic thinking when developing media plans for our clients. He began offering interesting interpretations of how to present key slides in our presentations and ultimately delivering more engaging content rooted in insights.”

Meaghan Mitchell

Executive Media Director, Neo@Ogilvy

Instructors from Agencies

Custom Program Durations

1: Short term

Quick and intense; A crash course in as little as a week.

2: Long Term

Our in depth training option.  Composed of multiple sessions, spanning across several weeks or months.

3: Weekends

Designed for the weekend warriors. Weekend workshops and sessions for your team.

4: Night School

For the night owls. Sessions run from 5-9pm, after office hours.

What do you want to learn?

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