Copywriting as a Career

Believe it or not, your ability to make your friends laugh with clever Instagram captions could mean you’re cut out for a career in Copywriting. If you have a knack for storytelling and the  ability to express ideas through words, you could spend your 9 to 5 helping brands convey their message — and get paid for it.

“I have always felt like I’m supposed to be doing something creative. I love writing. I love performing. And I love collaborating and being around people. Copywriting is the perfect mesh of all that.”

Maddie Rosenberg

Copywriter, john st.


Placement Rate

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Start Online this October

Fall Classes are available online and in-person

Miami Ad School Toronto will reopen for in-person classes for full time creative students, as part of phase 3, and continue to offer classes in our successful online format. This will provide accessibility to students who wish to continue social distancing or are unable to travel yet. We have extended this accessibility option to our instructors. Some of the classes this quarter may be fully online at the discretion of the instructor.

For our non full time students, we will be offering a new selection of individual classes exclusively online.

“I’ve really been enjoying the remote learning environment. It’s been really amazing to see how everyone presents themselves virtually – that’s been a silver lining of remote learning.”

Ben Percifield

MAS Student, 2020

“I Didn’t realize it could still be almost as interactive as a live class. It’s an experience of a lifetime! I love the instructors, MAS team and my course mates.”

Seun Johnson

MAS Student, 2020

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Online Scholarships

We are offering exclusive scholarships if you start your journey online this October.

Keep Your Brain Busy

Keep your brain sharp in isolation by flexing your creative muscles. 

Get a Head Start

Start your 2 year journey from the comfort of your own home! 

Our Online Learning Environment

We have taken steps to integrate a temporary online learning environment that will ensure that key skills are effectively taught as they would be at our campus in Toronto. We have also been taking cues from our agency partners in adopting their platforms and practices. 

This environment consists mainly of online learning platforms listed here. These tools, when used in combination with each other, lead to very effective collaboration and learning. We are also ensuring that there is a tool in place for you to use at any point during your educational process. 

This environment is also expanding and adapting as we learn more about creative collaboration in the digital space.


A video and screen sharing platform used for lectures and classes.


A robust messaging software that allows for connection with admin, instructors and other students.


A highly visual platform that is basically a big digital whiteboard that integrates with everything. Used for Project feedback and collaboration.


A virtual working space for people to gather in, chat, collaborate, and share current work. Used for workshop based classes and group work.

Program Breakdown

Year One: Study in Toronto

Over the course of two years, our Copywriting portfolio program will help you hone your writing skills and turn you into a hybrid storyteller and ideator. In Year 1, you’ll take Copywriting classes taught by the city’s top advertising professionals to help you master the fundamentals of writing for print, digital, broadcast, and more. With each quarter, you’ll add to your repertoire and start to build a professional portfolio that will show off your storytelling skills and help you get hired as a Copywriter.

Year Two: Study & Intern Around the World

In Year 2, things get real. You’ll spend most of your time studying and interning as a Copywriter in up to four different cities around the world to gain real work experience before you even graduate. You’ll continue to attend classes taught by top industry professionals and complete hands-on projects that will help you earn your Copywriting diploma.

Student Testimonials

“With the Agency Labs, the day I started working at Cossette felt like the day I started my career. We were getting real briefs, tons of work, and presenting to clients. It was a year’s worth of experience before I even graduated.”

Maddie Rosenberg

Copywriter, john st.

“Doing is the best way to learn. Miami Ad School Toronto encouraged me to make prototypes, apps, books, art pieces and other things that I may not have otherwise tried. Doing these things under the supervision of such talented mentors has now given me the confidence to take unfamiliar processes and work through them.”

Hayley Mcostrich

Copywriter, Leo Burnett


Short & Sweet

Precise and to the point — you’ll learn that less is more and that not every piece of copy requires a thesaurus. From headlines to taglines, to banners and more, you’ll find out that writing for print is anything but dead.

Improv & Standup

Banish stage fright through improvisational exercises, dialogue writing, and storytelling challenges that teach you to think on your feet — even in front of an audience.

Social Media

Leverage the power of social media and learn how to use copy to build authentic relationships online.


Bring the visual and verbal together by teaming up with an Art Director to bring advertising campaigns to life.


Master the craft of writing with clarity. Love words and embrace the relevance of long copy in the online world in ways that are interesting and entertaining.


Embrace the power of storytelling. Learn how to craft a compelling narrative in all your work that resonates with your audience. 


Learn how branding affects the strategy behind the message and communication, product and brand development, storytelling, packaging, marketing, promotion, and signage.

Head to Head

Don’t shy away from the creative competition. Throw your Art Director hat in the ring and make a name for yourself by entering (and winning) every student competition out there.

What am I really Learning?

Our courses are taught by industry instructors who constantly revise the classes to be as relevant as possible to the industry. What you get is the most up to date skills and best practices, applied to real projects based in reality, which produces the best work for your portfolio. Watch some of our instructors talk about the classes they teach.

Real Projects

Work you can show off

Industry Instructors

Top Industry Mentors


Go beyond Toronto and study in other countries


Work at top agencies before you even graduate


We divide our year into quarters that each run for 10 weeks, with a 3 week break between them. Tuition for the program is $5,000 per quarter. As an established school financial aid is available as student lines of credit, with a 1 year grace period after graduation. We also offer various scholarships you can apply for.

Next Quarter: Fall

Application Deadline:
December 1st 2020

Start Date:
January 4th 2021

Program End Date:
December 9th 2022

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