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Fast track your career or upskill with everything from bootcamps to single classes

Join the Professional Development Grads of M.AD Toronto

Our globally recognized short term professional development programming is run and instructed by award winning industry leaders. These programs are aimed at helping professionals at all levels of experience stay up to date with the latest frameworks and necessary skills to advance in the workplace or shift your career path.

Training Structures a M.AD Toronto

Level 1: The Skill Boost

1 Single Module
6 Hours of Class

Sharpen or Learn a new skill in Strategy. Make a connection with an Industry Leader.


Level 2: Become a Specialist

3-4 Modules
27-36 Hours of Class

Learn a new set of skills to become a specialist in an area of Strategy or Social Media and make a few connections. A Feedback session is provided for each Module.

$2,000 – $2,900

Level 3: Make a Career Change

10 Modules, Toolbox Sessions and A Portfolio
12-15 Hours weekly for 14 weeks for Strategy & Social Bootcamps
(9 Hours Weekly for 16 Weeks for UX)

The Building blocks of a new career as a strategist. Mentorship, portfolio development, real client projects, work with creatives, 30+ industry connections.

Prices Vary.

Our Bootcamps Help You

Close a skill gap
Expand your network
Shift your career

Refine your branding
Build a portfolio
Improve job security

Teach you how to navigate the current industry

Career Shifting Bootcamps

Frequently Asked Questions

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Financial Aid Services

Payment Plans, Scholarship and Job Grant Information

Custom Corporate Training

Are you training your employees? We offer training tailored to your needs

Let us know if you have any questions about Professional Development Courses at M.AD Toronto!

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