Student Spotlight: Award Shows Create Opportunities for Students

Winner of over 30 awards, Rachel talks how award shows foster creativity.

6 Things we Learned While ‘Going Virtual’

To say it’s been an easy transition would be an understatement.

Alumni: Life-long learning as a strategy for Success

Melissa shows us you can always be open to learning.

Changing Perceptions About Online Learning

Ben was never a big believer in online education

From Engineer to Influencer Specialist

Neelu was hired right from the Bootcamp

Starting A UX Career Post Bootcamp

Student Spotlight: Kat Savin, Experience Designer

Student Feature: From Designer to Art Directior

From Calgary to Art Directing in Amsterdamn

“Gr-ad Lib”: Hayley the Copywriter

Read about Hayley’s Journey at the school

“Too Old” for Advertising School? Think Again.

Advertising’s youthful sheen is a bit of a myth.

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