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In Response to COVID-19

We have temporarily closed the school’s campus in Toronto and shifted all classes to an online learning environment.  The Art Direction program and all other vocational programs will be delivered virtually under a temporary alternative training measure which is planned to expire on July 31, 2021.

Art Direction as a Career

Channel your passion for art and design into a full-time (and lucrative) career. An Art Direction diploma allows you to be creative for a living. Over time, those big ideas can translate into big bucks with seasoned Art Directors making well over $100,000 a year.

“The reason why I joined advertising definitely is just to do something different every day and to learn something new everyday.”

Ela Kallonen

Art Director, john st.


Placement Rate

Average Salary

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Miami Ad School Toronto has shifted to an online learning environment in response to Covid 19 and will continue to offer classes in our successful online format. This will provide accessibility to students who wish to continue social distancing or are unable to travel yet. Please read about our Online Learning Environment if you wish to learn more, and you can also take a Virtual School Tour.

For our non full time students, we will be offering a new selection of individual classes exclusively online.

For any digital native that’s comfortable with online collaboration, I think it’s a no-brainer that online learning will naturally feel like a second home

Andronicus Wu

MAS Student, 2020

I think the school has done a great job with online learning so far. The instructors have used the zoom platform to encourage discussion and keep lessons engaging.

Mnrupe Virk

MAS Student, 2020

Program Breakdown

Year One: Study in Toronto

The 1st year of our Art Direction program will push you creatively to think outside the box. Students will develop and refine design skills, concepting, and their presentation ability. All courses will be taught by experienced and current advertising professionals. These four quarters are focused on preparing you for the workplace. With each quarter you’ll add to your repertoire and start designing a professional Art Direction portfolio.

Currently all classes will be conducted virtually.


Year Two: Study & Intern Locally or Around the World

Year 2, the midpoint of the program, students will begin to gain agency experience while still continuing to take 2 Art Direction courses each quarter. You will be able to choose up to 4 agency placements locally or around the world. Meet new mentors, adapt to new markets, and work on real brands. Student’s will have the option to participate in remote/online placements.

Student Testimonials

“Being at Miami Ad School Toronto, with all these killer instructors and full-time agency mentors, it’s inevitable that their essence is going to rub off on you and make you a better creative and professional.”

Runda Dong

Art Director, Leo Burnett

“If you want to get into this industry, this is the place to start. It’s not just a first step, it’s an open door. The moment you’re in the school, you’re in advertising. It’s truly the best experience you could ask for.”

Ela Kallonen

Art Director, Conflict Advertising

“I recently came across a list of goals I had written to myself 3 years ago, before applying to go back to school. On that list included “Learn Design, meet more creative & inspiring people, work in a new city”. MAS has given me the opportunity to achieve all those goals (and honesty more). I am so grateful for the MAS community and the experiences I’ve had!”

Victoria Lyons

Jr Art Director, Publicis Sapient

(Some) Grads Hired in 2020

Rachel Leblanc

Art Director, Rethink (Toronto)

Victoria Lyons

Jr Art Director, Publicis Sapient (New York)

Jeremy Pedro

Jr Art Director, TBWA-NEBOKO (Amsterdam)

Shirley Wang

Jr.Art Director, john st. (Toronto)


Ideas First

Great design starts with great ideas. Learn how to solve the communication problem first, then find the appropriate media to give the idea maximum creative impact.

Product Creation

As the media landscape has “morphed”, so has the role of the ad agency. Today’s leading shops not only promote products, they come up with product ideas and then develop them. This course is a primer on the process. 

Video Storytelling

Learn how to tell stories with motion and sound by mastering digital shooting, storyboarding, stop motion animation, audio and video editing, and special effects.

Thinking Strategically

Make smarter campaigns and hit your target market by leveraging the power of strategy to influence your creative decisions as an Art Director.


Learn how branding affects the strategy behind the message and communication, product and brand development, storytelling, packaging, marketing, promotion, and signage.

Digital Campaigns

Discover how an idea can be expressed across multiple online platforms in a concerted effort to reach and connect with users, regardless of digital media.

Pop Culture Engineering

Break down the images, perspectives, ideas, and the influence of mass media to find out what makes up mainstream art and culture.

Head to Head

Don’t shy away from the creative competition. Throw your Art Director hat in the ring and make a name for yourself by entering (and winning) every student competition out there.

What am I really Learning?

In our program you’ll be trained in all the fundamentals to help you succeed in the advertising industry. Our courses are led by current industry professionals, who are working on the brands and campaigns of today. Students will be equipped with the latest skills, best practises, mentorship, agency experience and a jaw dropping portfolio.

Be sure to watch our inspiring instructors talk about the classes they teach.

Real Projects

Work you can show off

Industry Instructors

Top Industry Mentors

International Experience

Go beyond Toronto and study in other countries (even remotely!)


Work at top agencies before you even graduate

Tuition & Quarters

We divide our year into quarters that each run for 10 weeks, with a 3 week break between them. You can start your journey at any one of the quarters (January, April, July, October). Tuition for the program is $5,000CAD per quarter.

Please check out Financial Aid Section to see the various scholarships and payment plans we offer.

International Admission

We are now accepting International Students! The tuition for International students is the same as Domestic ($5000CAD per quarter). Please look at our International Students Page for more info on applying and FAQ’s.

Next Quarter: Spring

Application Deadline:
June 1st 2021

Start Date:
July 5th 2021

Program End Date:
June 9th 2023

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