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What is it and what
makes it so great?


March, 2022

Written by Emma Lorenzi

So – you’re looking to have a creative career in advertising but maybe you kind of suck at drawing. Or Photoshop isn’t really your thing.

Well, we have an idea. And it may just be the right fit for you.


We know it sounds boring.
But it’s not – hear us out.

In short, it’s creative writing for advertising. In long, it’s so much more.

Copywriting flies under the radar.
Often misunderstood and overlooked.
Creative, but cursed with a less creative name than art direction.

It’s an essential part to advertising and a necessary asset for every creative team.

Copywriting in Canada specifically is a super exciting job because it’s part of a massive industry and opens a lot of doors for creative people. People like you.

Have we peaked your interest?

Great. Now, to help you further understand what the heck copywriting is, let’s address some common misconceptions people have about the title.

1. It’s just as creative as art direction

Sure, “art director” sounds like a way cooler job, but the truth is that art directors and copywriters work in tandem. You’re both responsible for thinking up creative ideas. Then, when you start to execute, it’s the copywriters that handle the words and the art directors that focus on the images. Still, you work as a team, hand-in-hand through it all.

And who knows, you might even meet your creative soulmate while studying at M.AD. Here are some of the dynamic art director and copywriter duos who came out of our school and are currently killing it at some of Canada’s top agencies:

    • Marly & Shirley @ Citizen Relations
    • Chris & Dan @ GUT
    • Aman & Ashley @ Rethink

2. You’re not just writing headlines.

Don’t get us wrong – writing headlines is a blast. But as a copywriter, you’ll get to write for so many different mediums and formats – which is pretty exciting.

“When you’re a copywriter, you can literally be put on anything. You can go from holiday cards to product descriptions, to maybe a poem, to a script. You get to try everything.”

Charlie Tran

Graduate & Copywriter, lululemon

“I didn’t know there was a whole world to do with writing as a copywriter. It’s very rare to get a print ad. You’re writing for so many different ads in different places.”

Marwa Hassan

Graduate & Copywriter, Rethink

3. And it’s more than just writing.

We can all agree that writing is great. You probably wouldn’t have read this far if you didn’t like writing. But as a copywriter, you’ll get the opportunity to help with so much more. Advertising has evolved since the Mad Men days – ideas are no longer limited living on a page or billboard.

Take a look at some of the work done by M.AD students that thinks outside of the traditional advertising box:

Rice Krispies | Chipmunk Cheeks from Marwa Hassan on Vimeo. For more of Marwa's work.

4. You won’t get stuck in a rut.

One of the beautiful things about working as a creative is that your days rarely look the same – especially when you’re working in an agency. There will always be different clients and different projects, so it’s really hard to get bored.

Here’s some of the clients M.AD grads have gotten to work with after graduating:

5. You get to work with really cool people

There’s your art director, who you’ll spend most of your days talking to (either IRL or on video chat). Then there’s your creative directors, who have a bottomless pool of helpful advice to share with you (shout out to our instructors). And the network goes on and on.

The important thing is that you’ll probably work with and learn from people you actually like. And working with people you like makes work not feel so work-y.

“It’s an industry that requires unique perspectives…
Everybody has something to offer”

Charlie Tran

Graduate & Copywriter, lululemon

Here’s a bonus: you’ll get to start making these connections as a M.AD student. One of our knowledgeable instructors is Mike Dubrick, creative director at Rethink (AKA one of Canada’s top agencies).

Heinz Ketchup Puzzle | Agency Network: Rethink | Published/Aired: May 2020


Now, let’s go through the negatives:

1. Your mom may not know exactly what you do.

2. You may have to distinguish that copywriting
     isn’t copyright law related to everyone who
     asks what your job is.

But that’s really it.

What we’re trying to say is that copywriting is a really cool and really fulfilling career path that can create so many opportunities. It’s a great option if you want to do something creative, and your artistic ability is limited to stick figures.

That sounds pretty great, right?

So now you must be wondering – where do you get started? Why should you pursue copywriting in Canada? Is it really that great? 

Get started by reading this blog.
Yes you should. And yes, it really is.

Canada is an amazing place to kick off your copywriting adventure. The market’s constantly growing (it’s already a 5 billion dollar industry) and puts out internationally acclaimed work.

There’s also a ton of opportunity. We’re not exaggerating when we say there are literally hundreds of different advertising agencies in Toronto alone. Which means you’ll be able to find your people, get a perfect culture fit and make some killer work while you’re at it.

The industry’s growth is also only going to continue trending upwards. With big tech and other companies opening their offices in Canada, there’s going to be even more demand for creative people like you.

We’re not exaggerating when we say there are literally hundreds of different advertising agencies in Toronto alone.

On top of the opportunity, the Canadian advertising industry is a place that celebrates diversity and encourages boundary-pushing. You’ll constantly be surrounded and inspired by creative people who come from all different walks of life. You’ll also be in an environment where non-traditional and provocative ideas are celebrated – no matter how out-there, controversial or just plain weird they may be. And trust us – the weirdest ideas are sometimes the best.

You can be you, and make work that makes you happy.

Getting your foot in the door of the industry also isn’t as scary as it seems. If copywriting sounds like your vibe and something you’d like to explore further, reach out to our team. We’d love to answer any other questions you may have and help you on your path.

Read more about our Copywriting program and connect with the Admissions Office.


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