AUGUST, 2019

Filled in by
Hayley McOstrich
Copywriter @ Leo Burnett
& 2018 Graduate

We sent an ad lib form to our graduates about their time in the program, this is what they said:

Hi my name is Hayley Mcostrich. If i was an animal I would be  an Ostrich, duh. I took copywriting at Miami Ad School Toronto. Before the program I was an international devs student at St. Francis Xavier University. Now I am a Copywriter at Leo Burnett.

I came to Miami Ad School because I wanted to create change through creativity and influence human behaviour . I was nervous at the start about selling out but by the end of the program I felt meh, oh well. I probably drank 730 cups of coffee during the program.

The most valuable skill I took from this program was collaboration. The best thing I learned was how to network. My secret talent is naming your celeb lookalike. My favourite class was anything big ideas. My favourite instructors were Craig McIntosh (ECD at Cossette), Rachel Abrams (Creative Director at Cossette) and Dre Labre because they were super talented. My favourite snack is Cheese and Crackers. The best connection I made in this program was with my peers! and the school!

If I described this program it would be limitless, hands on, and forward thinking . I think the perfect candidate for this program would be anyone with any amount of  experience.

Check out Hayley’s Portfolio Here.

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