The Miami Ad School 24-Hour Guide to Toronto


JULY, 2018

Written by Katherine Pendrill
Photographs by Andrew Pieroni

Whether you just landed at Pearson or you’ve been strutting down Yonge St since the days of ‘Breaker High,’ you’ll need an insider to help you uncover everything that the Miami Ad School Toronto campus has to offer. Not only are we located in one of the hippest spots in the city (Vogue ranked it the second coolest neighborhood in the world, nbd), but it’s also the perfect place for getting creative sh*t done. So, allow us to take you on a tour of our hood and introduce you to some of our favorite spots in the Six (sorry, that’s the only Drake reference we’ll make).


At Miami Ad School Toronto, there are no 8AM classes or early morning meetings, so take the opportunity to enjoy a slow start to the day. Our advice? Hit up Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen for some highly grammable avocado toast (we’re not kidding). If you’re looking for a spot that’s less avo toast and more no-nonsense cold brew, hit up StrangeLove Coffee, where you can enjoy a your dark roast while browsing for your next tattoo (again, not kidding).


By now you’re probably caffeinated and rolling up for your first class of the day. If it’s your very first time at Miami Ad School Toronto HQ, you’ll find us inside a century-old building where we’ve combined the best of the old with the new. Amidst the hardwood floors and wood beams, you’ll find graffiti-style murals on every wall, beanbag chairs scattered across the floor, and a kitchen stocked with snacks (good ones, not just a box of stale cookies). There’s even a ping pong table for those moments when you hit a creative wall and a couple of pups for when you’re feeling, well, any emotion really.


Getting peckish? Us too (always). So take a break from the daily grind and treat yo self to something tasty. We could go on and on about all of the amazing food Toronto has to offer (you can get any kind of cuisine!!!), but we’ll keep it short and stick to the stuff within walking distance. Get your international fix at Mean Bao (Chinese), Arepa Café (Venezuelan), Soufi’s (Syrian), and Lamesa (Filipino), or embrace your inner GOOP-goddess at B.GOOD, Fresh, Impact Kitchen, and Kupfert & Kim. Got a sweet tooth? Hit up Le Gourmand Café for the best cookies in the city (don’t @ us, they really are the best).


Use your time between classes and projects to get to know the area and find out what makes Toronto so unique. Our recommendation is to start in the alley behind our building (yet again, not joking), to find some of the most incredible street art you’ve ever seen. After grabbing the requisite Graffiti Alley selfie, head west to soak up the sun in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Bring a picnic or something to sip on and enjoy the views from this slice of urban greenery. If lounging isn’t your style, there’s always shopping at nearby boutiques such as Smoke + Ash, BRIKA, and Frank and Oak.


Maybe you whittled away the afternoon on an assignment or it’s just a Friday, but if you’re in the mood for a drink (or three) you won’t have to go far. There’s Lisa Marie if the munchies strike, Rush Lane & Co. for killer cocktails, or Tequila Bookworm for a low-key kind of night. If lagers and cosmos aren’t your thing, there’s always Snakes and Lattes for board games and espresso shots.

If this seems like a lot, don’t worry because you’ll have plenty of time to explore our hood while attending classes, Agency Labs, and internships across the city — just don’t expect the TTC to get you anywhere quickly.

If you’re interested in starting your advertising career and making Toronto your temporary (forever?) home, take a peek at our 2-year Copywriting and Art Direction programs, or our 12-16 week professional Bootcamps.

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