Written by Terra Boake
Photographs by Andrew Pieroni

Two students, two totally different paths, both experiencing the best the advertising industry has to offer and on their way to becoming a top-notch copywriter and art director for a leading agency.

Students in our 2-year long creative programs embark on the journey of a lifetime with expert-led, hands-on classes and the opportunity to work in a real-life world-renowned agency with creative directors, copywriters and chief creative officers. Meet Maddie and Runda, both 20-something old and students at Miami Ad School Toronto.

Maddie and Runda amongst fellow classmates at One Method being taught by Steve Miller.

Photograph by Andrew Pieroni

Maddie, a graduate of the University of Guelph Theatre program, came to Miami Ad School Toronto a year and a half ago (6 quarters) for our copywriting program. With a love for writing, Maddie chose the program because, “I love writing and it’s how I’ve always expressed myself.” She describes her hobbies as more writing-based rather than visual. However, “that being said, my favourite thing about the program is that we get trained to be both a copywriter and art director. This teaches us to think bigger, express our concepts better, and form more balanced partnerships.”

Runda, who is also in his 6th quarter, has made quite the leap from his Economics degree at Brock U and is on his way to becoming an art director. With a history as a beatboxing talent and, “love for Chinese food (Gotta rep where I’m from),” Runda chose art direction, “because I had more background in graphic design and more comfortable with artsy type of work.” His favourite part of the program is the type of technical instruction students are taught and, “thinking creatively and connecting for that ‘big idea’ –  not to mention the option to travel and ‘test drive’ in all the hot shops during your second year.”

Maddie and Runda with fellow art direction student Ela Working on a McDonald’s brief at Cossette.

Photograph by Andrew Pieroni

Now that they’re both in their second year, Maddie & Runda have the opportunity to take on new challenges after interning for a highly successful agency – Cossette (creator of Sick Kids vs Campaign). Maddie most recently completed her internship doing real client work,

“This was a really good opportunity to see how agency life actually works and participate in it, gaining skills we can’t gain in the classroom”.

Runda, who also completed an internship with Cossette shared, “It wouldn’t be possible for me to have all these opportunities to get my foot in the door if it wasn’t for the connections from the school.” He went on to describe his favourite part being the relationships he formed and getting the chance to work with professionals.

“Getting to know the people who have been in the industry for 5+ years and being able to get their perspective on advertising is something that all juniors should be doing during their time at an agency.”

Check out Runda’s typical day completing an agency lab:


Head to Cossette.


Grab a glass of water & a cup of coffee. Finish up some work that was assigned earlier that week


Email assignments to the account executives by noon.


Meet creative manager to line up briefs for the afternoon and next morning.


Take a new brief home if I can see a creative opportunity to show a CD


Go to class three nights a week at Miami Ad School and agencies.

What’s the difference between our two bright minds? While Runda heads to One Method in October, Maddie is travelling a little further: 6,472KM to be exact – all the way to Berlin, Germany!

“I’m looking forward to my internship in Berlin. I’ve never lived or worked abroad before, so I’m excited for the new experience”.

As for Runda: “Right now I’m excited to head over to One Method for my next agency lab in October. I already got to know a few of them like Max Sawka, John Hotts and the man himself, Steve Miller. I think they’re really great people to learn from and can’t wait to shoot some hoops at their new space during my time there.” And in his free time? “I’m also trying to learn how to produce music during my free time. So look out for my mixtape. It’s going to be [Fire Emoji] [Fire Emoji] [Fire Emoji].”

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