Strategy And Planning

12 Intensive Weeks | 20 Industry Instructors | 1 Live Client
If you love to people watch, nerd out over big data, and hate to take no for an answer, you just might be a strategist. With your knack for research, natural sense of curiosity, and a touch of stubbornness, you are the ultimate problem solver. Not only do you have the unique ability to analyze any client request and transform it into a coherent brief, but you’re also a key player when it comes to shaping a brand’s identity. Download Program Brochure


Our Strategy and Planning Bootcamp is a 12-week program taught by leading industry professionals at the top of their game. The course is divided into lectures, portfolio work, campaign development, and engaging Toolbox sessions. Each module introduces you to a new topic, while workshop sessions allow you to put your skills to the test. By the end of the program, you deliver a pitch to a real live client and walk away with a professionally-vetted portfolio of strategic campaigns.

Application Deadline is August 15th 2018, Program Begins September 5th 2018

“We would definitely use the thinking moving forward. It is always interesting to hear from outsiders who don’t live and breath the industry everyday. Seeing that breath of fresh ideas come into our industry was really inspiring.” Heather Dionne

Manager – Marketing Communications, Koodo Mobile

Things You’ll Learn

An Overview

A crash course in strategy, its origins, how it works, and the methods used.

Research (Qualitative and Quantitative)

Learn how to use the tools around you and better understand the ones you’ve used in the past.

Understanding Your Client’s Challenges

Ask the right questions to turn small client asks into big ideas.

Developing Insights

Base your understanding and recommendations on facts and develop an insight that nobody can argue with.

Brief Writing

Cut through the noise and write a rock-solid brief that is integral to a successful campaign.

Ideation and Working With Creatives

Work closely with creatives to prove that collaboration is more than just a buzzword.

Communications Planning

Bring together different mediums in the form of an easily digestible plan that a client can actually understand.

Measuring Impact Through Data

Put your money where your mouth is and validate the work you’ve done by measuring its impact.


Learn to cater to today’s clients with revolutionary ideas that will ensure lasting success.

Live Client Engagement

Work through the chaos to put together an integrated campaign to pitch to a real live client.

Portfolio Evaluations

Each student will present their portfolio case studies to a Social Media director in a job interview setting. The students will receive feedback and a grade based on the content in their portfolio and their ability to present their work during the interview.


  • New Thinking
  • Google Toolbox
  • Weekly Pitch & Critique
  • The Brand Called You
  • Improv & Standup Comedy
  • Networking
  • Exploring Career Avenues
  • Agency Exposure Visits
Weekly Course Breakdown
Classes commence on September 5th 2018 and run on this weekly schedule until November 25th 2018.

Tuesdays 6-9pm (Alternating Weeks)

Toolbox Classes

Fridays 6-9pm

Main Module Class

Wednesdays 6-9pm

Pitch and Critique Class

Saturdays 10am-1pm

Main Module Class

Thursdays 6-9pm

Portfolio Development

Sundays & Mondays

No Class

Tuesdays 6-9pm (Alternating Weeks)

Toolbox Classes

Wednesdays 6-9pm

Pitch and Critique Class

Thursdays 6-9pm

Portfolio Development

Fridays 6-9pm

Main Module Class

Saturdays 10am-1pm

Main Module Class

Sundays & Mondays

No Class

What You Will Leave With

an understanding of strategy, its origins, how it works in an agency environment, and the methods used in strategic development.

Expanded knowledge of brief writing, communications planning, pitching, and more

Dive into qualitative and quantitative research using data to find strategic insights

Learn from and connect with more than 10 leading industry professionals.

Work with and pitch campaigns for a critically acclaimed live client.

Leave with a dynamic portfolio of campaigns, ideas, and pitches.

Jason Chaney

CCO at Koho
Former CSO at Cossette

Strategy & Planning Bootcamp Program Chair 2018

I think my favorite moment from the last Strategy and Planning Bootcamp was staying here until almost midnight just to answer questions. I was blown away by the sheer energy and interest from the people in the course and this year I expect the students to have an even greater level of energy, along with a determination to push hard to get as much out of the course as they can.

2017 Instructors

Jon Daly

Group Planning Director at Anomaly

Anne Sutherland

Founder at thinkingU

Jason Last

Partner, Strategy at Conflict Creates

Kris Hoet

Chief Innovation Officer at Happiness Anywhere

Steve Miller

SVP, Creative Director at OneMethod

Umar Ghumman

Strategic Planning Director at Mirum Canada

Jeff McCrory

SVP, Chief Strategic Officer at BBDO Canada

Tanya Gregory

Partner at Slice Strategy

Paul Gareau

Senior Vice President at Millward Brown

Richard Fofana

VP Strategy at UM WW

Tahir Ahmad

VP, Group Planning Director at Leo Burnett

Daniel Berkal

SVP Research & Innovation at The Palmerston Group

Hear it from Our Grads
With 100% placement rate for all program graduates, our first ever bootcamp in Toronto proved to be hugely successful for all those involved. The intense nature of the program pushed attendees beyond their limits to create some of the most innovative and impressive campaigns the client had ever seen – and they were sure to let us know about it.
Yeda Beraldo

Yeda Beraldo

Planning Director, Juniper Park / TBWA

“If you want to learn how to become a strategist, you should talk to the ones that are really doing it and that’s the beauty of this program”
Ashmita Dutta Ray

Ashmita Dutta Ray

Business Analyst, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide

Graduating with a MAS certificate in hand proved that I had the capabilities to begin my journey in the industry, especially as we were able to build a solid portfolio of projects.
Emily Chan

Emily Chan

Design and Creative Strategist, Canadian Red Cross

The instructors and mentors’ passion, diverse experience, and support made every class interesting and engaging. It was a once in a lifetime experience to be in an open forum with such creative and influential people.”
Colin Kikcio

Colin Kikcio

Strategist, Anomaly

“I’ve taken a lot of the thinking from these amazing instructors and applied it directly into my work as a strategist.”
Kyle Sargent

Kyle Sargent

Media Strategist, Neo@Ogilvy

It’s helped solidify myself in my current role as a strategist. My coworkers have even mentioned how impressed they are with the skills I picked up in the Bootcamp.”
Derek Mollenhauer

Derek Mollenhauer

Strategy Intern, john st.

It was both a humbling and gratifying experience to work with industry professionals.
What You Need to Know
How to get 85% off!
Ontario will compensate independent businesses between 70-85% of tuition costs – meaning you’ll only pay $1350-$2700 for 12 weeks of training! (This grant is only available to businesses training employees – contact for more information).
Tuition for the Strategy & Planning Bootcamp is $9000CDN and is due one week prior to the beginning of classes, as well as a $100 application fee. (For payment plans contact Carri).
Admission Requirements

Applicants are accepted on the basis of an interview, references and an appraisal of their application. You must have prior experience and education in related advertising/marketing fields. Please contact our Admissions Director to see if you are eligible by sending a copy of your most updated resume (or LinkedIn profile). Note: the program is capped at 20 students.

Shoot an email to to learn how to apply.

The Program Starts September 5, 2018

Application Deadline is August 15, 2018

Applications Are Due In:








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