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Social Media

12 Intensive Weeks | 20 Industry Instructors | 1 Live Client


You’re a know-it-all with a love for multitasking. Connecting your audience with brands and enhancing conversations across the digital globe, you understand the needs and capacities of any platform. As a social media expert know that not all content is created equally. One wrong move and not just your campaign, but your brand can suffer the consequences – but when you do it right – get ready for fame and fortune.

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Become a Social Media Specialist

Become a Social Media Specialist

After our groundbreaking bootcamp last year, we are launching our second Social Media Strategy Bootcamp in Toronto. Running for 12 weeks, this intensive program will immerse you in the world of social media strategy. Each module introduces you to an industry professional at the top of their game, coaching you in their area of expertise. Classes are divided into lectures, portfolio and campaign development, as well as toolboxes, which act as workshops to develop directly applicable skills. You’ll graduate with an impressive portfolio of integrated social campaigns, along with your pitches for a live client you’ll be working with.

Application Deadline is July 1st 2019, Program Begins September 3rd 2019

“We would definitely use the thinking moving forward. It is always interesting to hear from outsiders who don’t live and breath the industry everyday. Seeing that breath of fresh ideas come into our industry was really inspiring.”

Heather Dionne

Manager – Marketing Communications, Koodo Mobile

Things You’ll Learn

Understanding The Social Landscape

This module will help you understand the role of social media within marketing by covering modern communications, platform functionalities, and user behaviour.

Analyzing & Activating Social Audiences

You’ll learn how to leverage data and maximize communications, without sacrificing scale of reach.

Building a Social Brand DNA

Learn how to develop a brand strategy that’s built for social, as well as a social media framework that will inform your brand’s tone of voice, look and feel, and community management filter.

Cultivating your Community

Community managers are the key to curating content that inspires connections and interactions. This involves managing customer service issues, changing consideration into conversion, and identifying unique creative opportunities outside of campaigns.

Making with Measurement in Mind

This module covers basic social media measurement options, and how to link KPIs back to your marketing objectives.

50 Shades of Influence

Get the download on the full spectrum of influences, from super users to content creators and media powerhouses. You’ll also learn how to identify, engage, and measure the impact of influence.

Social IRL

Explore key tactics from the world of social XM (experiential marketing) and learn how brands are blending social media with real life experiences to create meaningful and memorable moments.

Social Engagement Through Paid Media

Dive into paid media and sponsored advertisements to find out how do brands figure out the right paid media for each campaign.

Social Media Strategy: Bringing it all together

Develop a social media strategy for a brand of your choice, using the approaches and resources provided throughout the past 8 weeks.


Disrupt the space with fresh perspectives, platforms, format hacks, and evolved experiences.

Portfolio Evaluations

Each student will present their portfolio case studies to a Social Media director in a job interview setting. The students will receive feedback and a grade based on the content in their portfolio and their ability to present their work during the interview.


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Weekly Course Breakdown

Classes commence on September 3rd 2019 and run on this weekly schedule until November 28th 2019.

Monday 6-9pm

Portfolio Development

Thursdays 6-9pm

Main Module Class

Tuesday 6-9pm

Pitch and Critique Class

Fridays 5-7pm (First 5 Weeks)

Toolbox Classes

Wednesdays 6-9pm

Main Module Class

Saturday & Sundays

No Class

Mondays 6-9pm

Portfolio Development

Tuesdays 6-9pm

Pitch and Critique Class

Wednesdays 6-9pm

Main Module Class

Thursdays 6-9pm

Main Module Class

Fridays 5-7pm (First 5 Weeks)

Toolbox Classes

Saturdays & Sundays

No Class

What You’ll Leave With


Program Director 2018

“Miami Ad School continues to be the only educational experience that offers direct access to Canada’s top tier ad community at scale, giving students both philosophy and practicum to leverage in the real world. As an instructor since 2016, I’ve had the opportunity to see the school evolve alongside the industry and witness the network’s impact on students and alums as they transition in to the workforce. With 10 years in the social media space, I’m excited to empower students with a strategic approach to all things social by shaping the Social Media Bootcamp curriculum, sourcing best in class instructors and providing one-on-one mentorship. ”

Deanna Lambert

Director of Brand and Digital Strategy,

Julia Di Clemente

Managing Director,

Jennifer Stack

Social Media Director,

Patrick Forestell

Brand Solutions Manager,

Cristina Gardeazabal

Associate Creative Director of Content,

Matt Stasoff

Freelance Social Strategist & Content Creator

Peter Hand

Head of Strategy,
Vice Media

Jordan Markowski

Vice President Digital,

Les Tapolczai

Director, Channel Planning,
john st.

Helen Androlia

Director of Social Media,

Hear it from Our Grads

Jessica Mason

Jessica Mason

XM Field Manager, Mosaic Field Manager

“What have I gotten out it? So much knowledge, real time feed back to continue to grow; the confidence to apply to a job that I didn’t think I could apply to 12 weeks ago; skills, a tool kit really.”

Courtney Rimar

Courtney Rimar

Broadcast Investment Manager, Jungle Media

“When you’re surrounded by some of the smartest and most creative instructors and classmates, you can’t help but be motivated to do your best work too!”

Gioia-Nina van de Fliert

Gioia-Nina van de Fliert

Creative Producer, Blauw Gras

“If you want to change your job or even just your point of view, going to MAS will broaden your perspective, help you find a job, and even make you grow as a person.”

Rafaela Barreto

Rafaela Barreto

Social Media strategist and Copywriter, Klimt Publicidade

“The biggest thing that I learned was how to be more confident. To be more confident in what I do and about what I know.”

What You Need to Know

How to Get 85% Off!
Ontario will compensate public and independent businesses between 70-85% of tuition costs – meaning you’ll only pay $975-$1950 for 12 weeks of training! (This grant is only available to businesses training employees – contact for more information).

Tuition for the Social Media Strategy Bootcamp is $7500CDN and is due one week prior to the beginning of classes, as well as a $100 application fee. (For payment plans contact Kaeli).

Admission Requirements Applicants are accepted on the basis of an interview, references and an appraisal of their application. You must have prior experience and education in related advertising/marketing fields. Please contact our Admissions Director to see if you are eligible by sending a copy of your most updated resume (or LinkedIn profile). Note: the program is capped at 20 students. Shoot an email to to learn how to apply.

The Program Starts September 3, 2019

Application Deadlines are July 1, 2019

Applications Are Due In:








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