People who work in social media marketing are “in the know”. They seamlessly move from screen to screen monitoring and contributing to the conversation. Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, Instagram, reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, the list seems as infinite as the amount of content out there and keeping your consumer engaged is different for each platform. People are constantly connected and brands need to be where the consumer is. If you want to be a part of the conversation, you need to be comfortable with multiscreen communication. Download Program Brochure

Oreo Blackout during Super Bowl XLVII

Graduates Nick Panayotopoulos & Roberto Sales, with their team at 360i, created for Oreo the most famous piece of real-time content creation. During the Super Bowl XLVII blackout, people immediately turned to Twitter. The Oreo Blackout tweet wound up receiving over 400M earned media impressions, more than the number of viewers who turned into the live TV broadcast.

During the Super Bowl XLVII blackout, people immediately turned to Twitter. We responded within minutes. The Oreo Blackout tweet wound up receiving over 400MM earned media impressions, more than the number of viewers who tuned into the live TV broadcast. With Social Media timing makes such a difference.



Program Details

Our Fall Quarter starts September 6, 2017

Application Deadlines are July 1, 2017

HR loves you (and loves us)

Ontario compensates independent businesses anywhere between 70-85% if the employer is covering the cost of tuition, which is $5,000 CAD. Meaning the agency will only be paying $750 – $1,500 for 12 weeks of training! This grant is not available to individuals but for businesses hoping to train employees and/or new hires. You can contact muneet@miamiadschool.com for a pre filled application or you can connect us with your HR department.




The major advantage of coming to a program like this is the network you create with our faculty and your fellow classmates. Our instructors are strategic planning media leaders in the Toronto advertising and media industry. There will be a different planner professional each week speaking on the topic of that week whom you are learning from, networking with and getting feedback from. In addition to the weekly courses, you will be exposed to industry leaders outside the strategic planning discipline, from Facebook to Linked In. tech to improv. Course work, as well as the live client brief you will pitch for, will provide you with real-world experience in a condensed 12-week boot camp setting.


Applicants must have a degree or diploma related to advertising, business marketing or communications, as well as a minimum of 1 year of work experience in an agency or marketing communications firm. If you need help determining whether you meet the minimum requirements,  please send our admissions director, Muneet, a copy of your resume with job descriptions and time periods. The number of applicants varies from year to year, but the program is capped at 20 students to ensure a high quality experience.



  • One letter of recommendation from professional or academic references.

  • Respond to the Social Media’ Assignment questions (1-10). Take your time with each of the items below and let your creative side hatch out!

  • Application fee of $100

  • Miami Ad School enrolment contract. (Email Muneet@Miamiadschool.com for the contract)
  • Two valid forms of ID.
  • Copy of the highest diploma achieved or official transcripts from the school you last attended.


Click below to learn how to apply or shoot an email to Muneet@miamiadschool.com.







The bootcamp program is a condensed 12 week certificate. As many students are working, classes will be held mainly evenings and weekends to accommodate both students and industry working professionals. The summer quarter Social Media & Digital Marketing Bootcamp will run fromJuly 2017 – September 2017, with 3-5 classes per week that are 3 hours each. It is structured as evenings and weekends so that someone working is able to complete the 12 weeks without leaving their job. Tuition for the 12 weeks is $5,000 CAD.

6 ways we prepare you for a career as a Social Media Strategist.

No tests. No text books. Just do it.

Work with Fortune 500 brands while you’re still in school.

No professors. Instead be mentored by ad agency professionals.

Develop a global perspective with internships around the world.

Win awards that will help you get a job.

Graduate with a smartphone full of industry connections

Things you’ll learn


As an art director, strategy focuses your creative. Knowing the who helps you with the what, making smarter campaigns that hit your target market.


“Yes, then what?” This is your mantra when brainstorming with your copywriter, then these ideas that are flowing turn into fully formed campaigns.


You have the idea, now make it happen. You’ve learned tools like Photoshop, Illustrator and photography to create a polished presentation.


You will stand in front of your teacher and classmates to explain your concept and show your ideas. This practice will prepare you for your career.

Our doors are always open!

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