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We here at Miami Ad School understand the struggle students are facing: Tuition Fees.  It’s a tough hurdle to overcome, but it’s not impossible. We’ve brainstormed a few ways we believe will help you keep your head above water, and make your transition into our school a heck of a lot easier.

Below is just a quick snapshot of some of the ways we support the commencement of your journey.

How we support the commencement of your journey

Scholarships Available

Hard work merits a scholarship. Every year Miami Ad School generously awards students with partial scholarships ranging from $500CAD up to $4000CAD. This scholarships goes directly towards tuition fees, and is deducted from your tuition statement at the commencement of your program.

  • Our scholarships are open to all students, domestic and international. To be eligible for a scholarship, you must first apply and be accepted into ANY of our current programs.
  • Following your acceptance, please complete the scholarship package and email your response to any member of our admissions team” idil@adschool.ca, or jocelyn@adschool.ca
  • It will take up to two weeks from the date of submission to receive a response
  • Please note that applicants for our bootcamp programs who are applying for COJG, or receiving a workplace sponsorship are not eligible to receive a scholarship.

Download the Scholarship Package here

Full time Payment Plans

Sometimes the best way is to divide and conquer. We understand that paying all at once can seem overwhelming. 

To combat that pressure, we offer 3-month payment plans. Make 3 easy payments each quarter.

Example of Miami Ad School Toronto tuition payment plans for Full time Programs.


Quarterly Payments Total tuition of the program Monthly payments with payment plan, $300 additional per quarter
(24 months)
Quarterly payment: $5000 $40,000 Monthly:
Creative Strategy
(15 months)

$20,000 Monthly:

*Tuition billing is sent out quarterly, at that time you may choose which payment method to move forward with. We accept cash, credit, debit, e-transfers and direct deposits.


Bootcamp Payment Plans

The payment plan is not necessary, you are able to pay the normal full tuition amount with no additional charges if paying through a wire transfer or cheque. Miami Ad School Toronto shall give a student who withdraws from a vocational program a refund of part of the fees paid in respect of the program according to the Fee Refund Policy, not according to the payment plan.

Breakdown of the Bootcamp Payment Plans

Program Full Amount  with Pay Upfront Discount, but Without Payment Plan Full Tuition, No Discount , Including addition of payment plan (monthly breakdown)
Strategy Bootcamp
$9000 – $250= $8750
Month 1:
Month 2:
Month 3:
Social & Content Bootcamp
$7500 – $250= $7250
Month 1:

Month 2:


Month 3:


UX Design Bootcamp
$7500 – $250
= $7250

Month 1:


Month 2:


Month 3:


*Note: with the payment plan, you are agreeing to a $300 additional charge. 


Personalized Plans

If it still proves a bit too heavy on the wallet, just speak to one of our admissions coordinators, who will work out a specialized plan just for you.

Student Line of Credit

This is the number one choice of our students. 

What is a student line of credit?
A student line of credit is a set amount of funds borrowed from Canadian banks, credit unions, etc,  to allow students to pursue their educational journey. It is funds that are allocated specifically to you, and are accessible whenever needed.


How it works
We have a great reputation with the major Canadian Banks. They approve student lines of credit for up to $20,000 a year, and offer amazing low interest rates, including a one-year interest free grace period. 


You must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a full-time or part time, post-secondary student
  • Be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident
    A co signer may be required depending on your credit score

Check out the links to see the various offers for students from the local banks. 

TD, BMO, RBC, Scotiabank, National Bank,

In addition, be sure to check out personal lines of credit. These are offered at a higher interest rate, but can exceed the $20,000 loan, and offer a more flexible repayment period.

Tangerine, Meridian, MoGo, Simplii, Manulife

We highly encourage you to speak to a local bank representative to gain more insight, be offered customization, and be aware of any conditions.. Miami Ad School Toronto does not work with any financial institution, and is not guarranting you a line of credit. We are only stating what has worked well  for some of our students in the past. International students and students who have borrowed from private lenders will need to independently review and confirm the details of their repayment with their respective loan providers.

Canada Ontario Job Grant (Bootcamps only)

It is a government initiative to promote training and advancement in the workplace. For independent business’, they will cover anywhere from 70% – 85% of the tuition. If you work for a larger company, over 100 employees, it can be 50% – 85% off tuition.

*Click on this link to receive a more detailed explanation* – Add detailed COJG PDF

Awesome ways we keep supporting you after you get in

Award Show Entrance Fees

Our students love competitions. It sparks their creative engines. With so many great ones running all year long, it’s tough to narrow down which ones to sign up for. In addition, each competition has a sign up fee, Yikes! We, at Miami Ad School Toronto, have you covered. If students are willing to register and participate for the entire duration of the competition, we will foot the entrance fee.

Which award shows might we be referring too? Clios, Cannes Lions, Young Glory, D&AD and more!

Top Dog Award

This is a Miami Ad School tradition, and a huge honour. Consider it the Oscar of awards. Each quarter the most successful student receives a $500 scholarship for the following quarter.

This award is granted based on input from the entire faculty. The student will have demonstrated incredible work ethic, great attitude, an undeniable talent, and positive feedback from instructors and peers.

Agency Labs

Miami Ad School offers agency labs for our students, making us the only school to work with the best agencies and studios in 10 countries and 16 different markets across the globe. Agency labs is equal parts internship and mentorship, the students work in real agencies and are assigned a creative director who will become a portfolio mentor.

Agency Labs come with a stipend for the students effort.
*Amount may vary according to agency


Get paid to learn! Internships are mandatory for our 2 year programs, but we make sure that you get the best possible outcome. We ensure that the final internship, which are taken locally, in your final quarter are paid gigs.

All final internships in Toronto will be paid in Canadian Dollars.
The amount is at the discretion of the respective agency in which you are placed.

Live Client Prizes

Students are most excited for the live client case each year. This is a school wide competition that teams up our creative students with our bootcamp students to create a behemoth of a campaign. Live clients like to offer scholarship incentives for the top 3 winning teams. The amounts can vary depending on who the client is.

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