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Digital Marketing Strategist As A Career

Are you curious about human behaviours and decision making? Ever dreamt of changing someone’s perception through powerful communications? If the answers yes then you may be inclined to a career as a Digital Marketing Strategist. Feed your curiosity and dig through data to identify real human insights used to develop solutions that meet clients’ brand objectives. No matter the industry, your insights and in-demand skills will add tremendous value to any brand in this digital age.

Average Salary

Experienced Salary

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Demand for Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing is now 25% more in demand than Traditional Marketing. Likewise the demand for Digital Marketing talent is 16% higher than the Creative Services.

46% of marketers cited Digital Advertising as their most in demand digital marketing skill, followed by Content Creation/Curation and Content Strategy.

Program Breakdown

Quarter One

Understanding the real problem brands have. Wrapping your head around what is an insight and how to develop insights.


  1. Account Planning Overview
  2. Understanding Business Issues
  3. Developing an Insight
  4. Professional Presentation

Quarter Two

Doing the research. Deep dive into the different kinds of quantitative and qualitative research like data mining and ethnographic interviews. Brainstorming to come up with ideas.


  1. Quantitative, Qualitative & Desk Research
  2. Data Mining & Analyzing Audiences
  3. Creative Concepting
  4. Brief & Brief Writing

Quarter Three

Bringing your ideas to life. Experience the actual planning of campaigns. Work on real client project.


  1. Project Management
  2. Communications + Media Planning
  3. The Digital Landscape: Brand DNA
  4. Measuring Impact: How to work with Data

Quarter Four

Learn how to pitch and present your ideas so they’re heard. Developing your portfolio with multiple real projects. Get yourself ready and equipped for the job.


  1. Portfolio Development
  2. Pitching New Business – Real Client Project
  3. PR/Crisis + Community Management
  4. Innovation

Real Client. Real Brief. Real Pitch.

In the final months of the program, you be briefed by a real client on a real challenge. Using your new skillset you will help research and strategize a solution, work with creatives to bring your strategy to life, and pitch to the client. You’ll also work with mentors, instructors and the client throughout the process.

Past clients include

Program Advisors

Jay Chaney

Former CSO

Rosie Gentile

SVP Strategy

Umar Ghumman

Director of Strategy & Experience

Chelsea Thompson-O'Brien

Senior Strategist

“Getting involved with MAS has been really exciting for me, especially since I get to help shape the future stars of our industry. I’ve seen grads that are cutting edge, using innovative thinking that brings a fresh perspective to the table. Problem solving is at the heart of this schools ideology and from what I can see, it’s in this new digital marketing program as well.”

Rosie Gentile

SVP, Strategy, Cossette

“When discussing this program, we intended for it to outperform any other form of training in marketing and strategy that we could find— We succeeded. Reportedly, business and marketing undergrads are not able to find jobs in our industry because there’s a noticeable skills and knowledge gap. This program is designed to fill that gap and to match incoming talent to the expectations of the market.”

Jay Chaney

Former CSO, Cossette

“Looking at this curriculum, I can see it provides the most updated and relevant learning in digital marketing and strategy. It certainly future proofs your career and skills. After this program you don’t have to settle for an internship, instead you can aim high and get hired at the top.”

Umar Ghumman

Director of Strategy & Experience, Mirum

“Miami Ad School students get real world experience in an environment that fosters growth, innovation and collaboration. Our instructors are not only presenting the school’s perspective; they are immersed and contributing to the design of progressive class materials. This ensures we are always reflecting what’s happening behind agency doors. The high caliber of talent applies not only to the instructors, but students as well: You’re guaranteed to establish career-long connections with impressive peers. I look forward to learning from our students as much as our instructors, as they bring fresh energy, insight and enthusiasm to every year.”

Chelsea Thompson-O’Brien

Senior Strategist, Mirum

Real Projects

Work you can show off


Top Industry Mentors


Work with Creatives

Master the Pitch

Pitch every week to sharpen your skills


We divide our year into quarters that each run for 10 weeks, with a 3 week break between them. Tuition for the program is $5,000 per quarter. As an established school financial aid is available as student lines of credit comparable to OSAP, with a 1 year grace period after graduation. We also offer various scholarships you can apply for.

Next Quarter: Winter

Application Deadline:
March 1st 2020

Start Date:
April 6th 2020

Program End Date:
March 14th 2021

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