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2-Year Design Portfolio Program
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Design @ MAS

Our Design Program enhances design for human ability, innovation and design thinking within workshop environments. The program fosters experimental ideation and merging media both analog and digital, by curious students who have different dispersed talents and who want to enhance their strategic thinking and methodologies by integrating design, business and technology. At the core of the Design Program, students embrace design as a strategic tool for consumer economies and it’s a way to introduce new and exciting innovations that respond to service ecologies which are important in daily lives.

Real Projects

Working Instructors



Design as a Career

If you’re the person relatives call on to help them with their wedding invitations or a website for their business, you might have a talent for Digital Design. With the brain of a creative and the technical skills of a developer, you can help to bring storytelling into the digital age—while getting paid for it.

Media is changing and there’s a growing demand for creatives who can combine design thinking with a technical understanding of the web. As a Digital Designer, you’ll take ideas from the branding stage all the way through to the final web design, to tell stories meant for the digital age.

Principles of the Program

Visual Design

Here, we’ll introduce you to the elements of visual design: line, shape, negative/white space, volume, value, colour and texture. While a close examination of each element is usually not necessary in your daily work as a designer, the principles of design — how to place the elements together to build pages and app screens optimally — play a crucial part in your role. Learning how to achieve unity, gestalt, hierarchy, balance, contrast, scale, dominance, and similarity will reward you time and again. Here, we will also show you how you should consider placing these indispensable visual elements to make the maximum impact.

Portfolio Development

You’ve got the skills, now it’s time to show them off. Work with mentors and industry experts to craft a digital design portfolio that shows off your technical expertise and your creative chops. By the end of the two-year program, you’ll walk away with a design portfolio that not only lands you the job, but also gets people talking.

Brand Strategy & Identity

We’ll teach our students how to create solid memorable brand strategies and Identities. Which are unwavering in their ethos, storytelling and style. We’ll focus on creating strong brand identities that are instantly recognizable and beautiful. A strong identity is what forges the connection between the customer, building loyalty, and determine how the customer will perceive your brand.

Software Skills

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Premiere pro
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe After Effects

User Experience

In every product, the business has its goals and the user has theirs. Our goal is to help our students create a successful marriage of these two sides through every interaction people have with the product.

Product Strategy

Everything stems from the who, what, why, where, when and how of a product. We teach students to ask these questions and uses this as a basis for every decision in the product development process.

Real Work Experience

While in the program you have the opportunity work on real client pitches to real brands such as Tim Hortons and Koodo Mobile. You will also have to opportunity tp have 4 separate design internships at companies.

How The Program Works

Year One: Study in Toronto

Over the course of two years (divided into eight quarters), our Digital Design portfolio program will bring together the worlds of design, business, and technology to enhance your technical skills and foster experimental ideation. In Year 1 of the program, you’ll take courses taught by the city’s top advertising professionals to master everything from brand identity and product strategy, through to visual design and the user experience. With each quarter, you’ll add to your repertoire and start to build a professional Digital Design portfolio that will show off your ability to tell stories that blend creative thinking with design fundamentals.

Year Two: Study Around the World

In Year 2, things get real. You’ll spend most of your time studying and interning as a Designer in up to four different cities around the world to gain real work experience before you even graduate. You’ll also continue to attend branding and design classes taught by industry experts, and complete hands-on projects that will help you earn your Digital Design diploma.


Design Thinking

Using the design process to create innovative projects by focusing on purpose that is strategic. Learn how to define a problem then consider various solutions.

Web Design / User Interface

Design and produce your own websites using computer markup languages. Become knowledgeable in content creation, digital media tools and management.

UX Design

Explore new concepts, ideas, and media to create immersive and collaborative experiences that might change the way people view and interact with the messaging in a whole new way.


Learn about its history, aesthetics, and perception, as well as creative, practical, and applied usages. that is strategic. Learn how to define a problem then consider various solutions.


Understand the basic principles of branding and how it matters in a retail environment. Learn how branding affects the design, product, storytelling, packaging, marketing, promotion, and signage.

System Design

Explore the elements that make up our modern physical existence (phones, laptops, apps…) at its most basic level. Learn how to use them as a point of reference to deliver a branded message that connects with consumers on a deep level.


Understand the significance and principles for developing sign based relationships and the basis of storytelling and design thinking.

Information Design

Develop design strategies across multiple platforms for the visual presentation of complex information.

Testimonials from Portfolio Center

What is the Portfolio Center?

The Miami Ad School Toronto Design curriculum was mainly inspired by the Portfolio Center (a part of the original Miami Ad School family). Globally, Miami Ad School + Portfolio Center have trained over 10,000 designers, art directors, copywriters, illustrators, photographers and strategists now working at companies all over the world including: Ogilvy, GAP, Apple, Facebook, Target, Google, IDEO, Saatchi & Saatchi, R/GA and VML. Our creative and practical approach to training has made our students the most awarded on the planet.

“The greatest thing I learned was the true meaning of hard work. There’s something about Portfolio Center that makes you care. Care to do that additional research, to build just one more model, to pull one more all-nighter to make your work just a little bit better. PC taught me to push myself in a way that no place else ever has.”

Alex Cohen

Designer, Phoenix Suns

“Going to Portfolio Center really gave me an opportunity to hone my ability to know if this business would be right for me. I had some great instructors and, really, it’s kind of not measurable to describe how much fun I’ve had, how grateful I am for the experiences that I’ve gotten to just live through this profession.”

Jayanta Jenkins

Global Executive Creative Director, HP

“I have the opportunity, even as a junior designer, to do work for our biggest clients.”

Carter Tindall

Designer, Principle

Notable Grads

Brennan Boblett
PlayStation Principal Designer, UI/UX Product Lead

Marissa Kraxberger
Rag & Bone, VP Creative

Portfolio Center Student Work

Application Deadline May 1st

Program Starts July 2nd

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