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ATTENTION: Due to the threat of COVID-19, we will be running programs as online courses until further notice. Extra measures are being put in place to help students and instructors co-ordinate and collaborate effectively while working remotely. When the spread of the virus is under control, we will be resuming normal classes. We are carefully following the recommendations of Health Canada to protect our students, while maintaining the quality of education. 

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Creative Strategy As A Career

Are you interested in human behaviour? Curious about what motivates us, inspires us, and drives us? Do you wonder how culture changes and evolves alongside technology, global influences, and individuals? How the world of consumerism fits in with our culture and how brands influence and affect lifestyle choices and behaviours?

If you’re passionate about altering perception through communications and changing the conversation between brands and people, then a career as a Creative Strategist may be the perfect fit for you. Uncovering insight and opportunity through creative observation, data, qualitative research, and real human psychology, you’ll build foundational strategies that guide multi-dimensional communication platforms. A master of branding, it’s your ideas and vision that influence everything from the food we eat to the way we see the world.

“Creative Strategy allows me to work with amazing minds that constantly invigorate me, ask questions about the ever-evolving state of how we perceive and influence our world. How those questions affect our storytelling, and be constantly challenged to revisit my own beliefs. It’s definitely never boring.”

Helen Androlia

Director of Digital Strategy, Juniper Park TBWA

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Strategist salaries in Canada start at $66,500.

Experienced Strategists in Canada can earn more than $122,000.

The Creative Group dubbed Digital Strategist one of the hottest advertising jobs for 2020.

52% of Creative Strategists say that their team is expected to grow in the year ahead.

What does a Creative Strategist Do?

Step one

Ask the Right Questions

Step Two

Mine Data + Research

Step three

Find Insights and Plan

Step four

Lead Collaborative Creative Process

Professional Problem Solvers

The role of a Creative Strategist is to be a creative problem solver by interpreting the business of marketing alongside human behaviour. Strategists start by asking the right questions to identify a brand’s biggest challenge and then mine for data and insights to come up with a motivating platform that will give the brand a foundational purpose—a purpose that drives all the brand’s communications. The Creative Strategist then leads the collaborative creative process alongside writers, art directors, technologists who help to take the Strategist’s ideas from concept to real-world communications.

Program Breakdown

Q1: Insights 101

Your crash course in Strategy starts now. Master the basics by learning how to dissect and get to the core of brand problems and develop creative insights that support big ideas.

Q2: Data and research tactics

From data mining to ethnographic interviews, deep dive into different types of quantitative and qualitative research to bullet-proof your strategy.

Q3: Implementation and Planning

It’s time to start bringing your ideas to life. Synchronize every element of your campaign across all mediums to map out a strategic campaign that clients will love.

Q4: Collaboration and Portfolio

Collaborate with your peers on real projects and learn how to pitch your ideas like a pro. Then bring everything together to create an interview-ready portfolio.

Q5: Agency Internships

Time to put your skills to the test. Intern at a top advertising agency and work on real client projects alongside the best in the business—opportunities that are sourced by the school’s agency partners!



You can’t solve a problem unless you can spot it. Build your strategic foundation by learning how to identify brand issues and obstacles.


Insights are a Strategist’s not-so-secret weapon. Learn to master the art of insights rooted in consumer, culture, industry, and brand.


The best advertising and communications plans are backed by data. Learn how to use research tools and primary data to bullet-proof your ideas.


Learn how to cut through the noise and get to the big idea. Master the art of brief writing and provide a clear direction for the creative team.


A Strategist should know brands inside and out. Make every campaign count by learning how to use different platforms and channels for effective branding.


Launching a campaign doesn’t mean your work is over. Validate client work by using data to measure impact and results.


Raise the stakes by working on a real client project. Through collaboration with other creatives, you’ll bring your concepts to life and learn how to pitch like an industry veteran.


You’ve learned the skills, now it’s time to get job-ready. Create a professional-quality portfolio with feedback from the best in the industry.

Real Client. Real Brief. Real Pitch.

In the final months of the program, you be briefed by a real client on a real challenge. Using your new skillset you will help research and strategize a solution, work with creatives to bring your strategy to life, and pitch to the client. You’ll also work with mentors, instructors and the client throughout the process.

Past clients include

Program Advisors

Jay Chaney

Former CSO

Rosie Gentile

SVP Strategy

Umar Ghumman

Director of Strategy & Experience

Chelsea Thompson-O'Brien

Senior Strategist

“Getting involved with MAS has been really exciting for me, especially since I get to help shape the future stars of our industry. I’ve seen grads that are cutting edge, using innovative thinking that brings a fresh perspective to the table. Problem solving is at the heart of this schools ideology and from what I can see, it’s in this new creative strategy program as well.”

Rosie Gentile

SVP, Strategy, Cossette

“When discussing this program, we intended for it to outperform any other form of training in strategy that we could find— We succeeded. Reportedly, business and marketing undergrads are not able to find jobs in our industry because there’s a noticeable skills and knowledge gap. This program is designed to fill that gap and to match incoming talent to the expectations of the market.”

Jay Chaney

Former CSO, Cossette

“Looking at this curriculum, I can see it provides the most updated and relevant learning in strategy. It certainly future proofs your career and skills.”

Umar Ghumman

Director of Strategy & Experience, Mirum

“Miami Ad School students get real world experience in an environment that fosters growth, innovation and collaboration. Our instructors are not only presenting the school’s perspective; they are immersed and contributing to the design of progressive class materials. This ensures we are always reflecting what’s happening behind agency doors. The high caliber of talent applies not only to the instructors, but students as well: You’re guaranteed to establish career-long connections with impressive peers. I look forward to learning from our students as much as our instructors, as they bring fresh energy, insight and enthusiasm to every year.”

Chelsea Thompson-O’Brien

Senior Strategist, Mirum


We divide our year into quarters that each run for 10 weeks, with a 3-week break between them, your 5th Quarter is a placed internship. Tuition for the program is $4,000 per quarter. As an established school financial aid is available as student lines of credit, with a 1 year grace period after graduation. We also offer various scholarships you can apply for.

Next Quarter: Spring

Application Deadline:
March 16th 2020

Start Date:
April 6th 2020

Program End Date:
June 2021

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