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A concept creator – you work, rework and combine thoughts transforming them into an identity that speaks to your audience. You are the storyteller, the comedian, the poet and director – giving a voice to design/every campaign. Focused and precise, your attention to detail is borderline obsessive making every phrase work for your vision. In a world so visually captivated – you bring words back into the limelight showing that a conversation is worthy of the most coveted awards.

Starting Salary

5+ Years

Creative Director Salary


After 23 years of success in every major city in the world, our Copywriting Portfolio Program is our most demanding and loved training program by all the advertising agencies around the globe. Coming up with ideas while working with your partner Art Director, you’ll indulge in problem-solving for big and small brands alike. Each of the eight quarters in the Copywriting program will set you up for success by helping you hone your skills in courses such as creative writing, and turning you into a hybrid writer and ideator. You’ll get a chance to work for brands you love and have an impact on their success while still in school. Collaborating on your copywriting portfolio with one of the top writers or pitching to a creative director will become your everyday ritual, while working towards your Copywriting certificate.

Things you’ll learn


Precise and to the point – you’ll learn that less is almost always more and not everything needs a thesaurus. Headlines, tag lines, banners and boards – print is anything but dead.


Never give in to stage fright again. Through improvisational exercises and dialogue writing, we teach you to think on your feet and feel comfortable in front of the audience.

Social Media

Quickly becoming the most authentic way to converse and build relationships – Learn to leverage the power of social media and its connections.


Show it off. Classes, internships and projects make up a star-studded copywriting portfolio worthy of the world of advertising you’re now a part of – just make sure you keep it up to date.


Visual & verbal are never detached. The copywriter is teamed with the art director – working closely on everything from brainstorming to execution of the campaign.


Focus your creative – recognizing & fully understanding the governing W’s will allow you to make smarter campaigns and zero in on your target market.


Headlines, scripts, product descriptions, social, long copy and short – you’ll discover how to do all this and more – then – you’ll actually have do it.


Stand with confidence and explain your ideas and concepts to agencies, classmates and instructors – a skill that is fundamental to a successful creative career.

No tests. No text books. Just learning and practical application.

Have agency professionals as mentors rather than professors.

Win awards, create a reputation and land your dream job.

 Work with Fortune 500 brands while you’re still in school.

Develop a global perspective through international internships.

Graduate with a fully stocked arsenal of industry connections.

The Path of a Copywriter

Soham Chatterjee

The World’s most awarded student

Agency Lab Three

Young & Rubicam in New York City

Agency Lab One

Sapient Nitro in Miami


JWT in New York City

Agency Lab Two

People Ideas & Culture in New York City

Dream Job

Senior Copywriter at Leo Burnett in Chicago

Soham Chatterjee

The World’s most awarded student

Agency Lab Two

People Ideas & Culture in New York City

Agency Lab One

Sapient Nitro in Miami

Agency Lab Three

Young & Rubicam in New York City


JWT in New York City

Dream Job

Senior Copywriter at Leo Burnett in Chicago


How to Apply

Lets put an end to “five years of experience for entry level” requirements. We want to see your creative thinking (no matter your level) – so show us what you think is important, express yourself based on the program you want and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

  • Four to ten creative samples of work you’ve done to express yourself.
  • Two references from professional or academic sources
  • Creative Assignment based on the portfolio program you are applying to.
  • Application fee of $150
  • Miami Ad School enrolment contract. (Email for the contract)
  • Two valid forms of ID.
  • Copy of the highest diploma achieved or official transcripts from the school you last attended.

Click below to see how to apply or shoot an email to

The art direction program is a two-year (8 quarter) program. Each quarter is 10 weeks in length followed by a break. To graduate students must complete 1920 clock hours/96 credit hours and have at least a 2.5 GPA.

 2018.3 Summer quarter:

  • classes start July 2, 2018
  • classes end September 7, 2017

2018.4 Fall quarter:

  • classes start October 1, 2018
  • classes end December 7, 2018

2019.1 Winter quarter:

  • classes start January 2, 2019
  • classes end March 8, 2019

2019.2 Spring quarter:

  • classes start April 1, 2019
  • classes end June 8, 2019

Students are required to have a notebook computer with a minimum of 8GB of RAM and a digital SLR camera. For the entire duration of the program, you are required to have a subscription to the full bundle of Adobe Creative Cloud (CC).

Regarding admissions requirements, previous advertising experience for the portfolio program is not a requirement. We want to see how you think creatively and you can show us through your own creative outlets and by going through the application process. We have many students from different backgrounds. In fact that often helps bring a different perspective to the table. When it comes to reviewing the materials, the most important thing is thoroughness and thoughtfulness of the application. We want to see who you are as a creative and your personality come through the assignments you complete. The application should be your creative calling card.


We divide our year into quarters running 10 weeks with 4 classes each quarter and a 3 week break between them. Tuition for the program is $4,500 per quarter – no textbooks required. We’re new, but not that new – as an established school financial aid is totally available as student lines of credit comparable to OSAP + you get a 1 year grace period after graduation.

Travel Abroad

Want to get out of your city or even your continent? The Quarter Away Program sends you anywhere you want to go – Live in up to 4 cities across the globe through Agency Labs, Internships or another base school. Go ahead, lead the adventurous life you want without giving up your career goals.


Word of Mouth from our Instructors

What Creative Directors Look For

One Piece of ADvice!

Why Do You Teach?

What Does Miami Ad School Make You Think Of?

Hear from our Grads!

“Miami Ad School is not a school. It is like a real agency. And not any kind of agency. Miami Ad School is one of those award-driven agencies that wants to change the world. I can say that when I was in school I brainstormed with the most amazing people (my classmates), I presented my ideas to the greatest creatives (my instructors). I can say that I won awards, worked on amazing briefs, and learned that if you have a good idea you need to come up with a better one. If you have a passion for advertising, if you are moving your head saying yes while reading this, you know Miami Ad School is for you.”

Frank Garcia
Creative, Droga5

“Don’t go to Miami Ad School. It will suck for you when you strongly aspire to be mediocre. Don’t go here if you have a BFF, first name Old. You won’t gel in. Don’t go to Miami Ad School if you loitered with a bunch of unimaginative. MAS, clearly, is not meant for you. Don’t eat out of its plate if you prefer to dine on boring and crave for routine. You’ll starve. But if you’ve made the mistake anyway, I assure, they’ll morph you into an unconventional, not your typical run of the mill creative. They’ve morphed me and many of my kind into gluttons for big ideas, housing nutrients of change, greedy beings drooling on innovation. So, don’t think of going to MAS, because if you choose to, then my friend, you are no different from the ones who had once started a journey, right here at the same spot, and now are the greatest minds in the creative industry.”

Soham Chatterjee
Senior Copywriter, Leo Burnett

“This is going to sound cheesy but coming to ad school was the best thing I ever did. There’s no way I could have gotten this book together on my own.”

Roberto Lastra
Creative Director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

“You essentially begin your career the day you start Miami Ad School”

Ryan Kutscher

“The school gives you the tools to expand the talent in you and most importantly – the wide network of people who will help you to get where you want. What I personally like the most about the program, is the feeling of international community, you literally will have friends everywhere in the world, and not only friends, but professional contacts that will allow you to start the professional contracts that will allow you to start the career anywhere you want.”

Vera Karpova
Senior Copywriter at Serviceplan Group

Become A

Applications are due September 1st 2018
Classes start October 1st 2018

Become a

Applications are due September 1st 2018
Classes start October 1st 2018


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