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2-Year Art Direction Portfolio Program
How to Apply


Don’t waste your time with tests. Work on real projects that help you build your Art Direction portfolio.


Take Art Direction courses taught by the people who actually work in advertising.


Go beyond Toronto to add some global projects to your Art Direction portfolio.


Secure Art Direction internships at the world’s top agencies and cut your teeth as a designer — all before you even graduate.

art direction as a career

While your grade 6 teacher may have told you that doodling won’t get you anywhere, now you can channel your passion for art and design into a full-time (and lucrative) career. Whether you work in advertising, publishing, film, or even fashion, an Art Direction degree allows you to be creative for a living. Over time, those big ideas can translate into big bucks with seasoned Art Directors making well over $100,000 a year.

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Year 1: Study in toronto

Over the course of two years (divided into eight quarters), our Art Direction program will push you to think outside the box, while learning key design skills such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, web design, graphic design, and more. In Year 1 of the training program, you’ll take Art Direction classes taught by the city’s top advertising professionals to help you to master design fundamentals, and develop your visual taste and style. With each quarter you’ll add to your repertoire and start designing a professional Art Direction portfolio.

Year 2: Study around the world

In Year 2, things get real. You’ll spend your time studying and interning as an Art Director in up to four different cities around the world to gain real design experience before you even graduate. In addition to your internships, you’ll also continue to take Art Direction courses taught by top industry professionals, and complete hands-on projects that will add to your creative portfolio and contribute to your Art Direction diploma.


Ideas First

Great design starts with great ideas. Learn how to solve the communication problem first, then find the appropriate media to give the idea maximum creative impact.


Craftsmanship is coming back in a big way. Learn how to use photography, illustration, paper cutting, collage, and other design techniques to take your Art Direction portfolio to the next level.

Video Storytelling

Learn how to tell stories with motion and sound by mastering digital shooting, storyboarding, stop motion animation, audio and video editing, and special effects.

Thinking Strategically

Make smarter campaigns and hit your target market by leveraging the power of strategy to influence your creative decisions as an Art Director.

Digital Photography

Explore techniques in digital photography and learn how to record a decisive moment or create one with tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and more.

User Experience

Learn how to put information organization and human-focused design first by developing content strategies, information architecture, and a wireframe that works for your user.

Pop Culture Engineering

Break down the images, perspectives, ideas, and the influence of mass media to find out what makes up mainstream art and culture.

Head to Head

Don’t shy away from the creative competition. Throw your Art Director hat in the ring and make a name for yourself by entering (and winning) every student competition out there.


We divide our year into quarters that each run for 10 weeks, with a 3 week break between them. Tuition for the program is $5000 per quarter. As an established school financial aid is available as student lines of credit comparable to OSAP, with a 1 year grace period after graduation.

Next Quarter: Summer

Application Deadline:
May 1st 2019

Start Date:
July 2nd 2019

End Date:
September 13th 2019

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Take the Leap

“Being at Miami Ad School Toronto, with all these killer instructors and full-time agency mentors, it’s inevitable that their essence is going to rub off on you and make you a better creative and professional.”

Runda Dong

Art Director, Rethink

“If you want to get into this industry, this is the place to start. It’s not just a first step, it’s an open door. The moment you’re in the school, you’re in advertising. It’s truly the best experience you could ask for.”

Ela Kallonen

Art Director, john st.

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