Agile methodology for brainstorming lets you solve client problems faster and effectively. Using key techniques and tools from the world of design thinking and Agile Development, enhance your next collaborative session.

APRIL 26th & 27th 2017

We’ve all been in those team meetings that don’t quite go anywhere – whether it be internal/external politics, poor planning, or team members butting heads. Whether in a meeting with the client, the ECD or a newbie, it’s a collaborative effort to be as productive as possible for the sake of all parties. Agile Brainstorming is a two-day workshop for marketing, advertising and startup/tech professionals to develop skills in a new way of brainstorming and working collectively.


Who should attend:
Essentially, you are an account executive, strategist, creative, marketing director, UX professional, lead developer, product designer, social media director, chief marketing officer, or someone interested in facilitating and managing the creative process.


You’ll walk away with:

  • The most innovative and current method of problem-solving.
  • A methodology of brainstorming together effectively.
  • A process you can apply in the workplace that gathers your team on the same page.

Travelling all the way from Chicago to teach their method, meet Cory Clarke and Tobi Devito, Partner and Director at VSA Partners – an innovative branding and marketing firm, which utilizes a holistic approach to break down barriers between branding, digital marketing and advertising with design as the unifying thread. Their work at Miami Ad School NYC has lead them to teach members of Apple, Facebook, Google, The New York Times, Forbes, R/GA, IBM and more. While VSA Partner’s own clients comprise an impressive list including McDonalds, Nike, Facebook, IBM and Converse.



Through his role at VSA he has lead agile adoption within the agency and acts as one of the leads on the IBM account. His experience ranges from technology VP at an online startup and leading his own software consultancy to academic research and teaching at Columbia University and Pratt Institute. He also holds several patents in software and building design. In 2006, Cory co-founded Tender Creative, which became part of VSA Partners in fall of 2012.



Tobi’s career has spanned a variety of disciplines and industries — from leading digital product teams for Fortune 100 clients, to managing branding projects for technology startups, to executing multi-million dollar media campaigns for leading ecomm retailers, to building and maintaining CRM databases for national non-profits. At VSA Partners, she is a Product Owner leading Agile scrum teams who are building bleeding-edge digital tools for many enterprise clients, including IBM. Through her broad experiences, Tobi has developed the critical skills of nurturing, motivating and empowering teams, both internal and external, to unite and deliver differentiated, performance-driven products across varied platforms, technologies and channels. Tobi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from University of Puget Sound and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from New York University.

“It’s fast, it’s exciting, and it works!”

As a graduate of Miami Ad School’s Bootcamp for Account Planners, I had the opportunity to participate in the first Agile Ideation Workshop that they are now offering in New York. Here at Forbes, I have been exposed to the “scrum” methodology of product development, but this was my first taste of “agile ideation”. I highly recommend it to anyone who is involved in ideating branded experiences.

James Colistra

Associate Director of Integrated Marketing at Forbes


Concepts of Design Thinking

Best Practices of Facilitation

Preparing for a Collaborative Session

Developing Observations Into Insights

Techniques of Rapid Idea Generation

Methods of Consensus Building

Reserve your Spot

April 26th & 27th from 6pm – 9pm
$499 for 2-day workshop, group rates available

Miami Ad School Toronto

What should I bring?

You don’t need anything but your creative mind! Everything else is provided including stationary, food & beverages.

What the two days look like.

The first day includes an overview to both Design Thinking and Agile processes, including a deep dive exercise based on Design Thinking. The second day, you will take everything learned on the first day and use the Agile methodology to define a Minimum Viable Product. By the two days’ end, you will understand that engaging your team, the client and the user early in the ideation process, building consensus, and quickly prototyping and testing the “big ideas” ultimately leads to stronger and more valuable experiences.

What is design thinking?
Design Thinking is a set of philosophies and methodologies that help us accelerate and formalize repeatable aspects of the creative process. It is meant to put teams through the process of diverging and converging on ideas while Agile is a set of rituals to quickly iterate and execute on an idea. The intent is to prove value and deliver testable prototypes – leading to user insights – early and often.

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