Written by Terra Boake
Photos and Video by Andrew Pieroni

Isn’t it time we extend our reach and pinpoint the most highly qualified, passionate and proven leaders who teach ideas that matter? We’ve taken this advice and tapped into an entire network of industry leaders that not only want to share their knowledge, but want to mentor their students.

Miami Ad School in full swing at a recently held workshop with 360i’s Chief Creative Officer, Menno Kluin.

Photograph by Andrew Pieroni

Mentors over Teachers

Rather than hundreds of students scrambling for the attention of one teacher, we have an 8:1 student-instructor ratio. By strategically developing curriculums that allow students serious one-on-one time, we’ve seen our instructors transform into mentors that truly care about their work and become lifelong contacts.

The Industry Never Sleeps (No strikes)

We aren’t just working with hypotheticals here, we work with dozens of top-leading agencies in Toronto and around the world. That means the industry never sleeps, so your access to learning shouldn’t have to. Since our instructors are 100% experts that currently work in the industry at a high-level, there’s no such thing as a strike.

Miami Ad School students being in improv class at OneMethod being taught by Steve Miller.

Photograph by Andrew Pieroni

Work in the Real World (While You Study)

Like we said, our instructors are industry experts, therefore, you won’t just sit in a classroom all day, you’ll get real working experience in award winning agencies at home and abroad. Internships and Agency labs make private school all the more accessible as we place you in an entirely new environment. (We’re also one of the few schools that actively help place you, rather than leaving students to fend for themselves). The best part? Agencies and their creatives have the opportunity to mentor students along the way and get first dibs on our grads – one of the many reasons why they love partnering with us.

Some of Miami Ad School Toronto’s agency partners.

“I wouldn’t put them on anything that would be too advanced or too hard, but it’s definitely real projects that they’re working on right now. If they do nail it they’ll be able to put it in their books.”

– Carlos Moreno (CCO, Cossette)

Specified, Strategic Courses rather than General Overviews

The time you do actually spend at the school is very different from your typical classroom experience. Our courses are strategically chosen for your program, so instead of mandatory general classes you’ll partake in courses like Stand Up, Pop Culture and A Brand Called You, all of which are used on in the real world.

Niall Kelly from Conflict running Head to Head, our awards class.

Photograph by Andrew Pieroni

More Affordable Than Ever (Scholarships)

Private used to mean posh, now it means practical and in the spirit of that theme, we now offer several easily attainable scholarships to help you with any point in the payment process. Download the scholarship package here.

That’s All Folks!

No gimmicks, no exaggerations – if you’re looking for the next step in your creative career without the hold-up and painstaking process of traditional education, give private a try, we’re not that posh and we don’t have uniforms. 😉

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