AUGUST, 2017
Written by Terra Boake
Photographs by Andrew Pieroni

Hoping to get into the industry and master it? McCann Worldwide global group creative director, comedian, copywriter and creative extraordinaire Patrick Maravilla is here to share the 10 commandments of advertising!

Commandment #1

Always Be Teachable

Look at everything as a learning opportunity. Learn to love the process – not just the outcome.

Commandment #2

Be Creative & Strategic

In advertising Creativity needs to be focused and strategic to solve problems it’s not just creative for the sake of creative.

Commandment #3

Get A Thick Skin

Don’t take everything so personally. Just because your idea dies, doesn’t mean you’re bad necessarily. You could be bad, you’ll know if all your ideas die every single time then you might want to consider a different career choice.

Commandment #4

Be Patient

Don’t feel pressured to take another job because you’re not making work. Be loyal to those who are teaching you the most.

Commandment #5

Stop & Remember How Awesome This Job Is

Don’t get focused on the minutiae and feedback and the rounds – stop to look up and realize you get paid to do awesome stuff.

Commandment #6

Be a Student of the Industry

Know your roots. Learn who’s doing what and learn what’s winning in the award shows. Learn not just the work, but the people and agencies behind it.

Commandment #7

Worry About What You Can Control

There are so many things in our industry that can impact you that you have no say in, so don’t worry about that stuff – it’s hard because we’re creatives, but don’t let it  bother you.

Commandment #8

You Have to be Able to do The Title That You Want

Don’t feel the pressure to move up the creative ranks into titles – enjoy the process of learning your skill and producing  great work.

Commandment #9

Your Gig Can’t Be What Defines You Creatively

Don’t let advertising be your only creative output – you got into advertising because you’re creative – don’t let it stop you from being creative outside your job.

Commandment #10

Don’t Let The Industry Change You

Don’t feed into the ego inflating award shows that I did – or that people do. Don’t let the industry tell you that you’re better than anyone else because we’re all in this together.

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